Thursday, December 31, 2009

Best government = no government

My "evolution" if you will, brought about by my own observations, thought and study of history, economics and philosophy have forced me to this conclusion; the best government is no government.
I consider myself a moral individual(with admitted human failings and shortcomings). I have made many mistakes, sometimes just variations of the same ones(doh!) and will undoubtedly make many more before I die. I believe real morality can only come from God unlike many of my atheist friends who believe it is a product of evolution. I am not going to debate that here.
I believe in the philosophy of "Do no harm" and try to follow the golden rule, not "He who has the gold makes the rules," but the one taught by Jesus Christ, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." That is how I try to live my life.
As such I have come to the inescapable conclusion that government isn't a "necessary" evil, it is evil. Because all government is based on force and force is immoral and evil with one exception; it is moral in self-defense.

Government, particularly the ones which rule over me; U.S. federal, florida state and county and city government all operate by force or the threat of force. Their collective purpose is to use that force or threat of force(TOF) to rob me, subjugate me and control me. No matter how you spin it, sugar coat if or obfuscate when you strip all that crap away that is the essence of it.
Force is evil and force is immoral and living under force or TOF doesn't make you free, it makes you a slave.
America is not a land of freedom and liberty it is a land of armed robbery, imprisonment, threats and murder. Every single thing government does is at gunpoint. Anytime you resist the government in it's efforts(almost always successful) to rob you it will escalate the use of force against you until you submit or die. Yet what is one of the supposed primary purposes for the existence of government? Isn't it to make you safer, protect you and your property? At least that is the b.s. I was fed in my 13 years served in the state-run indoctrination camps.
Tell me how does jailing me or killing me because I don't want to be robbed make me safer or protect my property? See the contradiction there? It is a huge one, isn't it?
Oh, you say, "Yeah but the government uses the money it robs you of to give you stuff, good stuff like roads, a wonderful court system and a huge army that murders lots of threatening, dangerous people all over the world who are a threat because the government tells you they are and should like being threatened, occupied and killed." Great argument.
Or you say, "Well the government steals your money to help people who need help because they can't help themselves and it is moral to help them."
I see. Steal from me to give to somebody else who is usually to lazy to help themselves. Why can't I just help them instead without having a gun being pointed at me and robbed. Why can't I eliminate the middleman who takes a huge cut before anything makes it to that unfortunate?
By the way ( and I am not tooting my own horn) I do give 10+% of my income to help those who are less fortunate and deserving of help without being forced, because I choose to. That way I get the benefit of giving freely and the recipient gets the benefit of receiving a gift instead of blood money and we both are happy. It is not charitable to put a gun to my head, take my property and give it to somebody else. That doesn't make you a moral person whose actions should be lauded it makes you a THIEF! And if you hire or support(vote for)any another person to steal from me even under the laws of this corrupt country(were they enforced equally) you are an accessory to armed robbery and just as accountable.
Strip away the sugar coating, the lies, the propaganda and you are just that, a THIEF!
There is a much better way to live and address needs of individuals who live and interact together without resorting to force or the TOF. The only reason you don't know or believe that is because you have been conditioned and brainwashed to think government and guns pointed at everybody is the only way.
Take the red pill. Educate yourself and start asking why. Question the things you think are necessary and peel back the layers of lies and propaganda. You don't use force in your own life to solve your problems and address your needs. Did you force somebody to date you? Marry you? Did you force Apple to make that iphone? Did you force McDonalds to sell you a Big Mac? How could it possibly be moral to go over to your neighbors house and rob him at gunpoint so you can build an army, build a road or erect a useless statue or give that property to a person to lazy to work? Do you shrink at the thought? Does that make you cringe inside? It should.
So if you wouldn't do that why is it o.k. to hire somebody else to do it? Why would it then be moral to vote for some lying scumbag to do it? Why would it be moral in a neighborhood of ten families for 6 of them to vote to rob the other 4? Does might make right? When my property, which is my life because I used my life's energy to acquire it, is taken from me by force or TOF no matter how it was done or justified, or what it is used for a crime was committed. An immoral act was done and evil was perpetrated.
The person who pointed the gun at me and the person who gave him or her the gun is just as culpable for this crime.
There is a better way. It is just that the thugs in charge, the evil scum ruling over us have tricked us. They have brainwashed us, dulled our senses and dumbed us down to the point where we, most of us don't even question what is really going on. Most of us have spent 13 long years having this forced down our throats as the best way, told we are free and virtuous and good by being a nation of thieves. What a crock!
Wake up. Think. Ask questions. Read. Look around you. The noose is tightening and the chains are getting heavier.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Got Gold?

The train is leaving the station. The dollar is collapsing and gold and silver
keep rising. Don't believe the idiots and liars in the media and in government.
The dollar is toast. Soon to go the way of the dodo bird and join dozens of other fiat currencies which have went the way of the dinosaurs.
If you can't afford gold, silver is still relatively cheap . . . . for now.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

American Coliseum

Watched one of my favorite movies on TNT last night; Gladiator. Gave me a great idea on how to solve the economic crisis we are in. I think the romans were on to something although they put the wrong people in the arena. We will learn a lesson from history and not repeat their mistake.
First let's build a big coliseum(create jobs, right?) and wire it so that what ever goes on in it can be transmitted all over the country. (pay per view?)
Then, WE THE PEOPLE, go get the people who created this mess and put em all in gladiator school for a week. That would include all the fed owners and employees, the I.R.S., all of congress except one lone representative from Texas, all of the white house and cabinet members and the treasury dept, including good old hank paulson, ceo's of goldman sachs, j.p. morgan, citi group and bank of america. I'm sure there are a few more we can add to the "games" also.
So let them practice for a week with, swords, spears, knives, maces, clubs, etc and put em in the arena. We could give them incentive to fight hard and put on a good show for us by stating that we will let the 100 survivors go free.
Let em fight it out and entertain us as payback for all the theft and harm they have perpetrated on us until there are 100 left.
Then we open up on them with machine guns right when they think they have won their freedom.
They won't be surprised. After all they never tell the truth so they shouldn't expect us to either.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Liberal or conservative?

Who cares. They are two peas in a pod. Both "camps" advocate the use of force to further their agenda.
Liberals say they are for the "little guy" and the "common man". They work for the common mans good and for social justice. They advocate using government funds to help the poor, the disadvantaged, the needy, the handicapped. They just want to right the wrongs brought about by birth and make everybody equal. At least that is the drivel they spew out to justify their theft.
And conservatives . . . what are they for? Well, less government, lower taxes, less government regulation and of course spreading democracy around the world by force. Pretty noble right?
Less regulation and lower taxes mean what? Still in favor of taxes and regulation, right? And how are those taxes collected and how are those regulations enforced? From the barrel of a gun, right? What is so conservative about that? Rob me to give to somebody else or to buy tanks, missiles, aircraft carriers and nuclear weapons. How does that make me free? I was still robbed at gunpoint and threatened with death if I didn't comply.
Anybody who supports theft by government and the initiation of force by government regardless of the label they choose to wear are brigands, robbers, thieves and murderers. Liberal, conservative, democrat, republican or whatever, all like government and the theft it advocates and the force it initiates.
Force is legitimate and moral only in self defense.
There is a better way and it is time people woke up. Anarcho-capitalism has much better solutions to dealing with life's many needs and varying situations without resorting to the use of force. Free market solutions can solve any problem or provide any service without resorting to theft and force.
We don't need corrupt bullying police, unfair and unjust courts, lying, self-serving scumbag politicians and standing armies always needing a conflict to justify their existence and bloated budgets to provide for our needs.
Ebay operates just fine without any of those. Think about it. Every good or service you need, want or require can be provided by the private sector without the need for government to corrupt the process and raise the cost of everything.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Auto sales crash

Adjusted September Sales vs. Estimates

  • GM sales fell 47 percent compared to the 44 percent decline projected by analysts.
  • Ford sales fell 8.9 percent compared to the 5 percent decline projected by analysts.
  • Chrysler sales fell 8.9 percent, matching the average analyst estimates.
  • Nissan sales fell 11 percent compared to the 7.1 percent decline projected by analysts.
  • Honda sales fell 23 percent, compared to the 13 percent decline projected by analysts.
  • Toyota sales fell 16 percent compared to the 13 percent decline projected by analysts.
  • Hyundai bucked the industry slide with a 27 percent increase.
Time for another cash for clunkers program, right? Doesn't anybody in power understand basic economics anymore? Or is the actual goal to bankrupt the country and turn us all into serfs living off meager government handouts? That couldn't be it, could it?

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Time to kill the monster.

I was born in 1964 when federal governments expenditures were about $118 billion dollars. At that time the federal debt was about 316 billion dollars. The population of the country was about 192 million. Today(9/29/09) we have a population of 304 million or an increase of roughly 50%. So what is our budget and our debt?
Our debt is over 12 trillion, not counting the huge liabilities of social security and medicare/medicaid(over 50 trillion). Our budget is now over 3.6 trillion. So let's do some math:
1964 budget was roughly $614 per American and the debt was about $1654 per American.
2009 budget is roughly $11,842 per American and the debt is about $39,473 per American. (2016 update- 2015 budget was 3.8 trillion and national debt is 19.2 trillion!)
That is one heck of an increase. A 50% rise in the population has led to over a 1900% increase in the budget and an increase in the debt of almost 2400%.
Now who has been in power over those 45 years? Only two parties- the rethuglicans and the demorats. Both have controlled the entire government during that period and the results of their control are clear. Neither party has done anything to limit the scope and size of government. The budget has skyrocketed on a percentage basis as has the debt and the deficit. Clearly any talk of reducing government has been a complete and total lie. Instead, both gangs have steadily, methodically and consistently grown government regardless of all their rhetoric.

I wonder how many Americans thought government was to small and that they were under-taxed in 1964?

Voting has not made any difference in containing the beast or reducing its appetite. Only way to kill this two-headed beast is to stop voting for it and to starve it by cutting off it's main source of funding: taxation, the fed and the treasury. END the fed.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

IRA seizure?

What is the risk of the federal gov't seizing our IRA's? I have thought a lot about this and think the risk is there but not sure how high it is. First of all, is there any talk of doing this by the thugs in charge? Yes. Argentina did it.
Really at this point should we put anything past the thugs who think they own us and exist to serve them and who rob us every day of our property?
So how would they do it?
Probably just take whatever the balance is on the day of seizure and give out equity in the social security ponzi scheme in return. Or maybe some newly issued gov't bonds which won't be able to be sold until a certain date. Or maybe nothing. Just say they had to bail out the system, it is our duty to sacrifice and it would be for our own good anyway and since we are to stupid to understand how complicated the issue is just take it and shut up.
I for one am taking this risk seriously and taking steps to hedge against it.
I trust no one in government and believe none of their lies. As a side issue how much food and water do you have on hand, just in case?

Friday, August 28, 2009

Do you support violence?

This is a legitimate question and one you should think about before answering it. Are you a moral person? Do you condone theft? Do you support the initiation of violence against others? Please read this: Force.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Health Care Simplified

The reason we have a health care "crisis" in this country is very simple. There are way to many players in a very simple transaction dramatically increasing the costs for all. The reason there are so many people involved in what should be a very simple transaction is government interference and a lack of personal responsibility.
Lets break this down into the basics.
I don't feel very well. I have had a pain in my abdominal area for several days and I am getting worried it is something serious. So I call up a doctor I choose and make an appointment. So far so good, right? No need for any government interference at all. So I get an appointment and am told the doctor will charge me $125 to examine me. I figure it is worth the $125 to find out what is wrong and if it is serious. I need some advice, the doctor offers his advice to me for $125 and I accept. We now have entered into a contractual agreement. We both are getting what we regard as fair value for the exchange of time for money.
The next day I get examined, a diagnosis is made and treatment prescribed.
I pay the doctor the $125 and follow his prescription and soon feel better.
Why would there need to be any other people involved in this transaction? Any other people involved would only serve to jack up the price I pay and reduce what the doctor earns. This is a private transaction between two individuals- nothing more. This is no different from him having a bicycle to sell that I want to buy. Or me selling him my advice on how to plant a garden.
That is all healthcare is. I don't have a right to the doctors services unless I agree to pay the price he wants to receive in exchange for it. And vice versa.
Just because I am sick or in pain, he is under no obligation to give me advice or treat me unless I pay his fee, or he chooses to treat me for free. I didn't pay for his education, his office, his tools, etc therefore I have no right to claim anything from him I cannot afford to pay his price for. That is it- end of story.
If you think healthcare is a right you are owed because for whatever ridiculous reason you have you are a thief. Thats right- a thief. And you believe in slavery. And ultimately murder. Think that is a stretch? Follow this:
If you think you have a right to something you didn't earn that must be taken from another you are a thief. Plain and simple. Doesn't matter what that something might be. Doesn't matter how life-sustaining that might be. If you didn't earn it or pay for it in some way, or be given it freely by its owner if you take it you are a thief.
If you think a doctor owes you his knowledge and services when you can't pay the price he offers them at you believe in slavery. You think that doctor is your slave and has to give you something for less than he values it at.
Now if you take this one step further and demand you get his labor for less than he wants to sell it for, you must employ force. Force ultimately leads to murder when the forced party rightfully resists.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Swine flu death rate of 2.1 to 3.2?

Here is a sobering estimate of the potential deaths coming from swine flu this winter. CDC has predicted a 2.1 percent to 3.3 percent death rate among those who come down with swine flu this fall.
No mention of what the infection rate would be but if it was 50% that could mean between 118,000 and 264,000 people would die here in Florida this coming winter. And since we have a large population of older people who would be more susceptible to the flu it could even be higher. Don't know how reliable this source is but I sure haven't heard those numbers from anybody in government here. This would sure put an end to all those phony green shoot lies we keep hearing about.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cash for clunkers failed!!

Read this:"All the cash-for-clunkers [program] did was steal sales from other retailers. We'd argue that even more damage was done, as consumers who did turn in their clunkers likely surrendered assets with at least some residual value for debt and an equity stake in a sharply deteriorating asset," said T.J. Marta, chief market strategist, Marta on the Markets LLC.

However the government accomplished their real agenda; which is to push the "green movement." Thousands of perfectly good cars were taken in and destroyed. Yep all the clunkers had to be destroyed. Got those gaz guzzlers off the streets and coerced a bunch of suckers to buy new "green" wasting (literally)assets.

The agenda of the gov't is to control us by every means possible. First priority is to break us financially so they can assume complete control over us and we can offer little opposition. Slavery is making a comeback.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Cash for clunkers

What kind of a scam is this? Do you think it has anything with the government trying to create artificial demand for their failing companies- Government motors and Chrysler? They sunk billions into those ratholes and now they have to pay people to buy their products? Does a one time stimulus actually create any lasting benefit to the economy? Remember the stimulus checks that went out last year for 160 Billion that was supposed to create 400,000 new jobs? That was a huge success wasn't it.
How does the government stealing money from me to give to somebody else to buy an overpriced car help the economy or create jobs? Do you know because I sure can't figure out the logic of that.
We are in this mess, due in a large part to living beyond our means and incurring to much debt. Buying a new car to replace a paid for car with debt is flat out stupid! Especially when the new car immediately starts to decrease in value, meaning you are paying interest on something that is worth less (eventually worthless) every day.
I have bought two brand new cars in my life. The first was a 99 Isuzu Rodeo 4x4 suv. I put $4000 down and financed the rest at a pretty low rate(don't remember what it was) with payments of $1000 per month for 24 months.
Purchase price was $27,500. I sold the car in perfect condition with low mileage in late 2003 for $12,000. So in about 4 1/2 years the value declined by $15,500. Was that a good investment? Hardly. But I got to drive around in new car for awhile(about 6 months) Don't forget the cost of insurance during those 4 1/2 years.
The story continues. I moved to Florida and bought a 2000 chevy venture van for exactly $12,000. And then the state of Florida ripped me off and charged me $840 sales tax for the privilege of buying a used car in their state. Still have the van which is probably worth $2500 now. So since 1999 my $27,500 turned into $2500. Great deal right? That really helped the economy didn't it? $25,000 up in smoke. Created lots of jobs huh?
And now the government wants to bribe me into going through this wealth liquidating procedure all over again? Buy a new car and incur a lot of debt at higher interest rates and pay a huge new sales tax. $27,500 x .07% =$1925 or a big chunk of the value of the vehicle I am currently driving. So I get a $4000 incentive on the front end and immediately lose half of that in taxes. And the day I drive off the lot I lose another $2k minimum in resale value.
This is a completely stupid idea for the consumer to get involved in.
And now think of the jobs it vaporizes.
An older car requires more parts and maintenance than a new car(hopefully, but who knows what government built cars will be like) and requires companies to produce those parts and mechanics to install them. What happens to them when demand for those parts and services decreases? Maybe some job losses???
The inventories of new cars are at record levels. The cars have already been built. Creating a program to artificially boost demand for some of that inventory has no lasting power in creating long term demand. This government swindle will create no new jobs- only job losses. And since this new "free" government money has to be stolen, borrowed or merely printed the costs will hit everybody in the form of inflation. And the new owner gets saddled with new debt with an underlying depreciating liability.
One more point although there are many other sides to this issue. Toyota, a Japanese company sells more cars in the world than anybody. I haven't heard that any brand of cars were forbidden from getting rebates. If that is the case a big chunk of these billions goes to Japan.
Who wins here?

Friday, July 24, 2009


Why are gold and silver the best basis for sound money even in todays' technologically sophisticated world?

1. Human nature never changes.
2. History proves point number 1.
3. Precious metals are scarce and sound money should be scarce or rare.
4. Precious metals can't be inflated because of their relative rarity and
cost in terms of time and capital to produce. Can't print gold.
5. Precious metals keep government in check and accountable to the
market. Can't inflate real gold supplies.
6. They are relatively indestructible compared to paper. Pretty obvious.
7. They have industrial uses. Most electronics require them.
8. They are desirable to almost all of humankind for their inherent
qualities. Bought any paper jewelry lately?
9. Easily divisible. Paper money does share this characteristic.
10. Have always maintained their buying power.

But the best reason of all to use gold and silver as money again is it prevents the government from stealing your money through inflation and then using the stolen money to expand it's power and control over you and your family. Gold is a noose around the bureaucrats necks that keep them in line and subject to you. Course if you like being a slave keep using your paper.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Is healthcare a right?

If it is that means you own the health care provider.
In order for you to be able to visit a doctor and benefit(hopefully) from his or her accumulated knowledge and skill he or she has to acquire those things.
So how did that happen? The doctor sacrificed his or her time(many years) and money acquiring those things. Did you pay for that accumulation of knowledge and skill? If not, then what claim do you have on it?
Absolutely none whatsoever. If you think you have a right to that Dr's services you are immoral and a thief.
Now, if you are willing to enter into a voluntary contract with that Dr, wherein you receive treatment and he or she receives agreed upon remuneration you are not a thief and can consider yourself a moral person.
However, if you use the power of government to force this Dr. to treat you, you once again become a thief and an immoral person. No matter how it is done, if you use force in any way, personally or by proxy(government) to get services from that doctor against his or her free will you become a thief.
Nobody can own another person and by extension the service or product produced by that person. Anything a person produces whether it be a product or a service is owned exclusively by that person unless done while under contract to another. Like in an employer/employee relationship.
Anytime you take by threat of force or by force itself you become a thief.

So if you think healthcare is a right you are admitting you are a thief.


Is inflation good or bad? What causes it? Is it an inevitability?
Let's look at these questions.
First of all, inflation is a monetary event. It is caused by the creation
of more money and putting it into the economy.
Let's look at inflation in relation to gold. We all know gold is relatively scarce
in comparison to other things like lead, aluminum, copper or paper. Because something is scarce and demand for it is high its price reflects that. Gold has to be mined to get it out of the ground at great expense in terms of capital and labor. Then it has to be refined and purified before it can be minted into coins, made into jewelry or used in electronics. All the known, mined gold in the world would fit in about a 66 foot cube, about the size of a small office building.
So how would one lower the price of gold dramatically, say by 95%? Well, one way would be if all of humanity suddenly decided gold was pretty much worthless and demand almost completely disappeared. History teaches us that scenario is not likely. Now what would happen if an asteroid a little over 300 square feet cubed in size, made of pure gold, crashed into the earth? (forget the effects of such a crash) Now gold is suddenly 100 times more abundant. The value of all pre- gold asteroid gold would plummet. Because the supply was inflated tremendously by this unlikely event the value of gold would collapse. All goods and services previously priced in gold would jump in price or inflate about 100 times.
A car which cost 20 oz. of gold to purchase before the gold asteroid arrived would now cost 2000 oz. of gold to purchase, due to the now relative abundance of gold.
It is easy to see that the likelihood of the gold supply increasing 100 times is slim to none at this time. Therefore when items are valued in gold they will not increase in price much at all. History bears this out.
Now how about if we price goods and services in something that isn't in such a limited supply like, hmmm maybe paper. Cut down some trees, turn them into pulp, process the pulp into paper and cut it into little uniform pieces. Then print some pretty designs and numbers on that paper with some colored ink. Now lets call that money and use it to buy stuff.
So the people in charge of this print up say 1 billion units(dollars if you will)of face value in this new paper money and it gets distributed through the economy and used as money. And it works well. Everybody accepts it and business and trade flourish. Seems like a good idea. Prices are stable and jobs are plentiful.
But then the next year something happens which changes everything. The people in charge(let's call them the government) want more money to further their agenda, you know helping the common man and making this society a utopia. So they say we are going to tax everybody at a 10% rate so we can do all these wonderful things we have planned for your benefit because we are such good, charitable people. But oddly enough the "common man and woman" say, "no thanks we will keep our money and use it ourselves for our own benefit". Talk about greedy and self-serving.
So the powers that be (PTB) come up with a plan. They print up another 100 million units(dollars) and start "spending" them into the economy.
So what happens when this new 100 million in money works its way through the economy? Since there is now more money chasing the same amounts of goods and services the prices start to rise. Who does this hurt?
The common man and woman, right? Their income didn't increase and their savings didn't increase when all this new money came into play but the purchasing power of all the original 1 billion units(dollars) decreased. They were robbed just as surely as if a burglar had held them up and stolen their wallet. But on a much bigger scale. Their income now purchases 10% less and so do their savings.
So who benefited? The PTB now had the money to build a bigger bureacracy and control more of the economy. They paid themselves more and rewarded themselves with more perqs and privileges.
The increase in the money supply which is determined solely by the central bankers and their lackeys, the traitors in the government, create the inflation that robs you of your income and your savings.
So now you know where inflation comes from and what its effects are on you. What are you going to do about it?

Monday, July 20, 2009

Will you buy a GM car?

Now that General Motors is government motors how many of you are going to support the corrupt takeover of GM by the government and the union?
I have owned several gm cars over my life. They weren't the best cars I have owned, that is for sure, but for whatever reason I bought them at the time.
Currently own one now- a Chevy Venture which I plan to drive until the wheels fall off.
But I guarantee this, I will not ever buy a government motors car again. Our government is evil, corrupt, fraudulent and run by murderers. Buying a gm car would be giving my approval and support to these scum. As long as I still have a limited choice about what to do with the remaining dollars in my picked pocket, you can bet they won't go to support any government entity which has been illegally taken over by the jack-booted thugs in office.
I canceled my AIG auto policy soon after the first bailout and told the customer service rep I would never willingly give them any more of my money and that I hoped they soon went bankrupt as they should have done. How many times has AIG received bailouts now? How much more money will be poured into the GM hole? Remember AMTRAK? Why would anybody with a functioning brain think the government could run a business successfully? That defies all known logic.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Will you kill me?

On Capitol Hill today, House Democrats unveiled their $1.04 trillion plan for health care reform, a sweeping plan that was quickly endorsed by President barack obama, who wants Congress to pass legislation before the August recess.
"This legislation is landmark legislation, and this is a defining moment for our country," said House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Henry Waxman, D-Calif. The sweeping changes to the health care system would cover 97 percent of Americans and include a mandate requiring all Americans to buy health insurance or pay a fine.

I have had enough of this b.s. If this becomes law I will not comply. I am self-insured and choose not to buy any insurance. My family and I eat right, exercise and are in great health. Matter of fact my family of 5 weighs less than 1 obese american (455 lbs), who by the way according to this report is facing a huge risk of dying from the swine flu pandemic.
I will not pay a fine!
So here is my question to all of you reading this; Do you advocate the use of force against my family and I because we choose to take care of our own health and resist buying into the failed policies of a corrupt, tyrannical monster who thinks it owns us? Are you comfortable with trying to force me at gunpoint to knuckle under and allow more of my over-taxed money to be stolen and used against me?
Are you willing to pull the trigger when I resist? If you support this then that is what you are doing.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Peter Schiff run for senate

I sent the following email to about 40 people I know.

Please take a minute and read this message at this link.

Peter Schiff is one of the few who predicted this financial crack-up we
are in. He is contemplating running for senate against the scumbag, chris dodd. I believe we need people like Peter Schiff to get into office to replace scum like dodd. Let's send a message to Peter that there are still americans
who value liberty, freedom and want to put the chains back on the government. I am confident Peter will work for us and not against us unlike dodd who got a sweetheart mortgage deal from countrywide. And that is just one of the few things we know about. I would bet there have been a lot more payoffs that haven't come to light.
I made a donation to his exploratory committee. I hope you will also.


P.S. If you don't know who Peter Schiff is go here:

Youtube has lots of videos of interviews he has done predicting what is happening now and being mocked by the msm.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Freedom to Fascism

If you haven't seen this video I highly recommend you take the time to watch it.

Freedom to fascism

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Friday, June 5, 2009

JP Morgan is a criminal syndicate

JPMorgan Hires Supertanker for Storage, Brokers Say

By Alaric Nightingale
June 3 (Bloomberg) -- JPMorgan Chase & Co., the second- largest U.S. bank by deposits, hired a newly built supertanker to store heating oil off Malta, shipbrokers reported, in the company’s first such booking in at least five years.

The bank hired the Front Queen for nine months, according to daily reports from Oslo-based SeaLeague A/S and Athens-based Optima Shipbrokers Ltd. David Wells, a spokesman for JPMorgan in London, declined to comment.

JPMorgan, which has never hired an oil tanker based on data compiled by Bloomberg going back five years, follows companies including Citigroup Inc.’s Phibro LLC unit and BP Plc in hiring ships to store crude or oil products at sea. The firms are seeking to take advantage of higher prices later in the year.

What is going on here? JP Morgan got a handout from us the taxpayer, right? So what are they doing with our money? Speculating on the cost of oil by reducing the supply which they believe will drive up the cost of oil.
Who wins in this scenario? Do you? Do I? NO! Only the greedy scumbags using our own money to steal more from us. These thieves should be taken out to the gallows and hung.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Down with american education

I was lied to all throughout my public education(indoctrination) experience.
I started public school in 1970. I was taught outright lies, useless information and disinformation. I was not educated I was brainwashed and confused.
I was forced to learn completely useless information like sentence diagramming. I had to learn what a predicate nominative and a prepositional phrase was along with articles and possessive pronouns. I didn't give a darn then and don't now. And you know what? I have never needed that useless information at any time in my life. I remember arguing with my teacher about how useless that all was and I was right. I knew it then and I have proved it now.
Another example of useless info I was forced to learn was the 3 years of algebra forced into my head. 3 years learning something I knew I was never going to use and didn't need to clutter my head with. I argued with all my teachers over the time mis-spent on learning something so esoteric and obviously useless. And you know what I was right again. I never used it or needed it since I learned it and have pretty much forgot it. And if I ever do need that info I will go to the net. I got all A's and B's in too so it wasn't like I couldn't get it. I just knew it was useless to me.
Three years I could have spent learning something of real value and import, like the philosophies and history our founding fathers knew and which formed the basis of our constitution. I learned nothing at all about that.
Then we get to the lies I was fed and thought were true. Like the lies about the scumbag lincoln who was the worst president this country ever had. Old "honest abe" was nothing of the kind. He was a power-hungry, greedy, evil dictator who did more to destroy the constitution than any other president.
He destroyed the sovereignty of the states by force and murdered hundreds of thousands of americans in the process. This country has never recovered from the damage he inflicted in his lust for power.
What you weren't taught about lincoln in school
Pretty much all the history I was taught was incorrect, biased, skewed or flat out lies. The emphasis was on memorizing dates, names and events and little to nothing was taught me about the reason, cause or import of that information. Memorizing is not learning. Spitting out a bunch of useless facts doesn't make you an educated person. I memorized so much useless garbage I had little time to even think. I used to know all the state capitols and that has proven to be very useful in my adult life. Not!
This is pretty simple but remember the story about George Washington and the cherry tree he chopped down? Never happened. It was invented long after he died by a writer. Of course that is no fault of George Washington who was definitely one of this countries greatest presidents and patriots but it is indicative of the crappy "education" our kids are forced to endure.
And if honest economics were taught instead of algebra to every kid in the country do you think we would be in the dire financial straits we are in now? If we were taught about the evils and unfairness of fractional reserve banking and fiat money from the time we could read do you think the banks and the government would be ripping us off for tens of trillions of dollars? If we were taught the evils of war instead of glorifying it would we be always fighting wars which do nothing to make us safer but enrich the coffers of greedy, evil people to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars, resulting in the murder and suffering of tens of millions? Not likely.
Keep us ignorant and controllable. Fill our heads with crap so we can't even think logically. Teach us lies as truth so we can be exploited and used. That is the public education system.
Ever hear the term Austrian economics EVER during your public brainwashing/indoctrination? Even once?
Well guess what? Followers of Austrian economic theory predicted exactly what is going on all around you every step of the way. They are the only school of economic thought who predicted the financial collapse we are undergoing and they were ignored, and marginalized and derided. And if you want to know what is coming next you better stop listening to the liars who get the most facetime and look up Austrian economics if you want to know what you can do to protect yourself and your family from what is coming. Go here and here for starters.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Quantitative Easing

Heard this term lately? This is what the government has decided is the latest lifesaver for our sagging economy. So what is it? The U.S. used to finance its crack habits by selling debt. The treasury would create some bonds which are nothing more than debt with interest owed on it. Then those newly created bonds went to the Fed where they magicked up so many billions and gave it back to the treasury which used it to fund all the vital and important programs the government has. So then the Chinese would buy, say 20 billion of our newly created debt from the Fed loaning us 20 billion. We in turn would promise to pay back the 20 billion plus interest at what ever the current interest rate was.
Well now there is a little problem. The Chinese or the Japanese or the Russians aren't so interested in buying this new debt for two reasons:
1. We are paying so little interest there is no real return on the money- the interest rate is less than the real rate of inflation, which means a negative return to these suckers( I mean investors) in our wasteful spending habits.
2. Due to the huge deficits, bloated government budgets, fraud and waste the dollar is in decline and will go a lot lower. This causes another hit to the value of the bonds these suckers have bought also. The net effect is they get back less money than they put in and they know it. So they Have wisely cut back dramatically on the amount of debt they are buying. Even though they are still foolishly buying some.
So what is the fed and the treasury to do? The budget has exploded and the need for more money is even greater. Can't borrow it anymore so where will the money come from?
Quantitative Easing. A fancy word for fraud. Just create the debt and sell it to ourselves. Isn't that brilliant? Why didn't we thing of that sooner? And if a few trillion is good why not create ten times that? Heck why not print enough to make us all millionaires?
It is fraud, plain and simple. Making money out of thin air is theft. The government is stealing from each and every one of us by doing so. When new money is created out of nothing and backed by nothing all money currently in existence is devalued. So your saving become worth less and eventually worthless. It is a stealth tax and the inflation tax is by far the worst tax.

Friday, May 8, 2009

19 million vacant houses

That is how many houses are vacant in the u.s. right now. How long do you think it will take to get them occupied with owners? Don't you have to have a job to qualify to get a loan to buy a house? I'm not talking about 2 years ago. Then all you needed was a pulse and the ability to sign some papers. Those
days are over. Aren't they?
Hmm. Maybe the government will buy them and start giving them to welfare recipients. Or those 20 million illegal immigrants running around. I'm sure they would love them. 20 million votes constitutes a pretty big voting block.
Seriously there is no way those houses can be legitimately sold any time in
the future. That is a huge over-supply which while continue to lean on the prices of all houses for many, many years to come. Anybody who tells you differently is lying to you.
Here's a question:
Do you know how to tell when a government spokesman is lying? Any government spokesman? Their lips are moving. That's right you know whatever they are telling you about anything is a lie.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Jack booted thugs arrest 16 yr old

I hope you have read this or another article regarding this illegal act by the thugs in power. If this doesn't make you fear the scum that are supposed to be our public servants working for us I don't know what will. If you aren't bothered by this travesty go crawl back under your rock or just put your head back in the sand. And don't expect anyone else to care when they come for you. You are part of the problem.
The patriot act has made everybody in the country a potential terrorist according to the thugs in charge and could get you a free trip to a nice concrete cell without ever being charged with a crime. Forget probable cause. Not needed anymore. Forget the constitutional guarantee of your right to habeus corpus. Remember that phrase, "innocent until proven guilty?" Don't make me laugh. Mere words which mean nothing to a swat team armed with tear gas and machine guns, taking orders gladly from faceless bureaucrats. You know, what is the point of having all that gear if you don't get to use it? How will you get more? Yep, put it into use, anytime you can. Don't have any probable cause to use it? Who cares? Just call somebody a terrorist. Than you can do whatever you want.
Wake up people!!! Your government doesn't fear you. You are nothing more than a bug to them, to be squashed at will. Who should you fear? Not Al Qaeda. Nobody even knows if they exist. And if they do what have they done lately? It certainly wasn't Al Qaeda who went charging into the Lundeby home at 10:00 p.m. at night. Notice how the scum love to operate at night?
Terrorists? Who qualifies as a terrorist here? Ashton Lundeby sure didn't terrorize anyone. But his family was without a doubt terrorized by the jackbooted, pos scumbags posing as public servants. Must take an awfully brave man to join in a mob of other brave men armed with machine guns, tear gas, bellet proof vests, and terrorize a family after dark. I call them all cowards. Do you condone this? Do you think it is justifiable? Are you so afraid of the terrorist bogeyman that you want government thugs to do this sort of thing? Are you that afraid of a myth? Our government is the biggest terrorist organization in the world. This is a perfect example of that fact. Quit being duped! Focus on the real threat to your health, life, liberty and property.
That threat is all around you at every level of government. Government doesn't serve you. It is your master, your jailer, your oppressor. Time is short and the window of opportunity to change the trend is quickly disappearing. The patriot act has nullified the constitution. But just maybe we can still throw all the bums out and take back our freedom. Educate your friends and family. Get them to open their eyes and think about what is happening.
Think about this; everyone of the patriots who fought for their independence against England and founded this country would fall under the label of a terrorist according to the patriot act. If you don't believe me, go read it and then read the news to find out how it is being implemented.

Do something!

Besides turning on the t.v.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Been ignoring my blog because I am so sick of what is going on I don't even know what to say. The level of corruption, fraud and usurpation of power is unprecedented in american history. It is mind-boggling how fast we are becoming slaves of the state as they loot, steal and kill us. The corruption is all encompassing and at all levels of government. Isn't it amazing how much theft has gone on unpunished and unchallenged. The big banks are stealing huge sums from each and everyone of us unchallenged.
The justice department has given all the crooks a free pass so far. Why is that do you think? It is obvious to me that they are all in on it.
So what should we do? Let's secede. Lets pick a few states where the dream of liberty and freedom still remain and secede. It is a right every state has and guaranteed by the constitution. Under our voluntary union of government every state is sovereign and has the right to disassociate themselves from the others at any time for whatever reason they choose.
Of course we know what happened the last time many states seceded don't we?
The thug- in- chief, lincoln started murdering their citizens. What, you haven't learned the truth about lincoln and what a low down- scumbag he really was? How he violated the constitutional limits at will and suspended so many of its protections? How the real cause of the "civil" war was the desire by the northeners to use the power of government to unfairly tax and burden the south with outrageous tariffs? Tariffs which were more than doubled just before the war and put the burden of federal taxes almost solely on the south to the tune of 90%? Slavery? Not even a tiny factor in why the states seceded and why lincoln beat them into submission by his murderous use of force. To bad lincoln didn't get shot a whole lot sooner. If he had we would all likely be a whole lot freer.
If you are not afraid to question the lies you learned about lincoln in public school go here and start reading.
lincoln lies exposed.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The narcissist bows

Watch this. Kind of weird don't you think?

obama bows to his master

Now the white house has come out with a statement saying obama didn't bow

white house claims obama didn't bow to king

I guess we can't believe our own eyes anymore. Good thing we have the liars at the white house to tell us what to think about what our own eyes see.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Getting tired of being played like a chump

I don't know about anybody reading this but I am getting close to my limit. I am so angry over the lies, fraud, thievery and b.s. being shoved down my throat by the out of control federal gov't, who is trying to usurp all power, I can hardly stand it. I am sick of the blatant manipulation of our markets by the PPT, jp morgan, goldman sachs and all the other banksters who run things strictly for their own gain. Example: They just threw out all fair accounting standards and gold and silver get hammered. Is that logical? Doesn't that reek of manipulation? Think about it.
I am surprised by my passivity and that of the citizens(or should I say comrades) around me. When will we act to overthrow the few who oppress us? What will it take to break the chains which bind us? If I was single and had no children to consider I would be taking matters into my own hands but is that excuse real justification for hoping somebody else steps up to the plate?
I know one thing; I don't being like being played the fool when it is obvious that is the case. It is incredibly insulting and demeaning to be condescended to so blatantly. Obviously the ptb think they are immune to any sort of personal reckoning. That in itself is the ultimate condescension. I don't know what will push me or others over the edge but I feel like that day is coming ever closer.
You ever stop and think about what gives them so much power over us? Only one thing- our submission. We submit to all that they do to us- the stealing, the lying, the killing, the fraud, corruption, hypocrisy and force.
We know the gov't is corrupt from top to bottom. We know they lie and manipulate us. We know they violate the constitutional mandates. We know stealing our money through taxation and inflation is just plain wrong. It is evil and indefensible.

"Why taxation is slavery"

Yet we submit to it anyway. Why don't we all just refuse to pay taxes anymore, ever again? They can't throw us all in jail and they can't kill us all.
Take away the money and they won't have enough power to continue to subjugate us. Would probably only take a million or so who quit paying. How much longer would you keep paying if your friends said they had quit?
Would you be the last sucker getting fleeced? How many people that you know would have to quit paying before you got the guts to stop also?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"Barbarous Relic"

Ever wonder why the media hates gold? Why do they badmouth it so much?
And if it is a barbarous relic why do all central banks have tons of it?
If it is nothing but a useless relic of the past, why keep it around? Why don't they abandon it completely?

The truth is they hate gold and silver because it is honest money. It is unprintable and makes their phony paper fiat money look bad. As long as we keep it around it limits the scam they are perpetrating on us. It is the only check on the paper they force us to use as money. The sad thing is they use that paper to suppress the price of gold also. Wake up people and understand the chains that bind us. They are only made of paper and they are easy to break but we aren't even trying.

Buy gold and silver and break the chains. Take back your freedom.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Greatest threat to your freedom

What is the greatest threat to your freedom? Look around you. Who has power over you? Pretty obvious isn't it!
Government threatens your freedom and liberty. They have standing armies and police forces that will jail you or kill you at their whim. There is no need to do anything wrong to get yourself thrown in jail or killed by the these thugs. Your very existence is reason enough for them. You see the goal of all government is to control it's subjects. The ways we are controlled are endless.
The main three are as follows:
1. Force. They use force or threat of force to scare you into submission. Do what they say or they will destroy you.
2. Fiat money. they force you to use their corrupt, baseless, valueless money
which they control and derive the greatest benefit from.
2. Tax. Taxes are not about obtaining revenue they are all about manipulation and control. They use taxes to force you to do what they want and to prevent or punish you from doing things they don't want you to do. Taxes give politicians the power to pay back their supporters(handlers and controllers) by giving them special breaks whereby they reap billions in ill-gotten gains subverting the free market. They double and triple tax your earnings and then steal even more through inflation.
They create disinformation to create fear of nonexistent threats and then use that fear to steal even more of you money and more of your liberties.
They manipulate the markets and force you to stay invested by creating huge penalties which stop you from withdrawing your money. They limit the things you can invest in according to their whims. Yes, I am talking about ira's, 401k's etc. Whose money is it anyways? Wait til they nationalize all ira's for your own good.
Who can take away your house, your car, your life with impunity? Government is the problem not the solution!
Tell this young girl she shouldn't be afraid of gov't.

punk cop beats on teenage girl

If a cop did this to my daughter I would hunt him down and mete out my own form of justice. Watching this sickens and infuriates me. It is time we take back our rights and our liberties which we are losing at an ever increasing rate.

Thomas Jefferson: "... God forbid we should ever be twenty years without such a rebellion. The people cannot be all, and always, well informed. The part which is wrong will be discontented, in proportion to the importance of the facts they misconceive. If they remain quiet under such misconceptions, it is lethargy, the forerunner of death to the public liberty. ... And what country can preserve its liberties, if it's rulers are not warned from time to time, that this people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to the facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure."

I see a lot of tyrants out there. Not to many patriots who are willing to risk their own blood.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Grinning Fools!

Last night I watched about 20 minutes of the presidential address to congress. My main thought during the whole time I watched was it sure would be wonderful if North Korea or Iran dropped a bomb on the place. Eliminate all those parasites in one fell swoop.
Just watching all those grinning fools clapping every time Obama said the government was going to be bigger, more powerful, more oppressive and more intrusive made me sick.
This country is nothing but a shadow of what it once was. Freedom and liberty are nothing but words which have no meaning. It won't be much longer until we are completely overcome by darkness. The only hope is that they bankrupt us a nation sooner than later, the people get angry enough and rise up and destroy these viruses. Then maybe there will be enough of our heritage left to return to our roots and right this sinking ship.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

3.5 million new jobs!!!

Let's run the numbers on this grand promise by the new administration. 787 billion "stimulus" just passed with much hoopla. So what do we get if we divide 787 billion by 3.5 million? $224,867 per job!!!! Do you think anybody who get's one of these government created jobs will be earning $224k per year? of course not. Maybe 40k which is about the average wage these days, if you have a job that is. So where does the other 180k per job go? Sure seems like sound economics to me. Spend almost a quarter of a million dollars so somebody can have a make work job and earn 40k. I'm
sure we are headed for great economic times now.
Oh yeah, remember the stimulus package last year? 160 billion handed out to everybody that we borrowed from China and Japan? We were told that would create 400,000 new jobs by our super smart leaders who came up with the plan.
How did that work out?
Why do we let these pinheads continue to treat us like children and continue
to rob us blind? They are inept, incompetent, ignorant and worst of all completely corrupt. Time to clean house and throw all the bums out by whatever means necessary.
Isn't it interesting how gold and silver keep rising in the face of all these
grand new plans to turn things around? Obviously there are a few skeptics out
there who doubt the abilities of our elected financial geniuses. I know where
I am placing my confidence- Solar power, food, guns and ammo and gold and
Makes no sense to continue to believe the liars who created the problems in
the first place. That defies all right reason.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Property taxes are evil

What is the purpose of taxation? I bet you think it is to allow government to obtain money to provide it's vital and needed functions. Right?
WRONG! Taxes are used to control you. Government's primary function as it currently exists is to make you do what the people in power want and to prevent you from doing what they don't want you to do. Control is the goal.
It seems to be working pretty well too if you stop and think about it.
I hate taxes because the government takes from me what I have worked for, by threat of force or actual force if I resist being robbed and gives it to somebody else. Government can only give to one what it takes from another. Now if I did that I would be guilty of a felony. If I decided you had a nicer house than me and I wanted it and tried to take it I would very likely end up in jail. However if government takes a fancy to your house and decided to take it you will likely end up homeless.
One of the ways government takes your home(not really yours) is through property taxes. Property taxes are assessed yearly upon the value of your home according to whatever they say it is worth. Currently mine is assessed at about 50,000 more than it is worth on the market. So they say to me, "Mr. Smith, we will let you live in your house one more year if you pay us 2% of what we say it is worth which is more like 3%." Now I have two options; I can agree to be extorted or not. Now realize I bought this house with money I earned and saved after paying income taxes on it. I don't have a mortgage but I will be forced to pay property taxes as long as I "own" it. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that I am not the real owner of my home; the government is. And if I live there long enough I will pay them more than the cost of the house in extortion fees.
Now tell me how that isn't evil.
Oh you say, "But Mr. Smith, look at all the benefits you receive from the
city. You have nice roads(the city didn't put them in), schools (I homeschool), police protection(I have a gun), fire protection(I have insurance), parks(hate parks and the city is currently building a 7 million dollar little league park which neither I or my family will ever use.), etc."
If property taxes were only about collecting funds to meet the cost of needed services a sales tax or user fee would accomplish exactly the same purpose and would allow me to actually own my home instead of lease it in perpetuity from the government.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Here are some interesting Gold facts:
In 2001, it was estimated that all the Gold ever mined totaled 213,113 tons or 5,114,724,475 oz. 5 billion oz or less than the amount needed for each person living on the earth to have a single oz.
One ton of Gold at todays price($950) equals $22,800,000.
So all the Gold in the world(2001) is worth about 4,858,988,251,250.
Just under 5 trillion dollars. And how much has our wonderful, honest
government magicked up recently? Double that. And this isn't
inflationary how?
When the U.S., under our brilliant leader nixon, took us off the gold standard on August 15, 1971 the price of gold had been fixed at $35 per oz. From that day on the u.s. dollar was pegged to nothing of real value and currency inflation began with a vengeance. On August 15, 1971 the Dow Jones index was at 856. At that time the Dow/Gold ration was 24 to 1.
Today the Dow is at 7765 and Gold is at $950. The ratio is 8 to 1!
Now given that ratio would you have been better off buying gold at $35 or the dow at 856?
What do you think the next few years will bring? My guess is a 1 to 1 ratio will come about long before a return to a 24 to 1 ratio(never).
So who should you trust with your money? Your oppressive, corrupt, violent government or Gold?
Hint: there is only one right answer.
Maybe next time I will discuss silver which I believe is a superior investment even to gold.

Convert now. You won't regret it.