Wednesday, February 18, 2009

3.5 million new jobs!!!

Let's run the numbers on this grand promise by the new administration. 787 billion "stimulus" just passed with much hoopla. So what do we get if we divide 787 billion by 3.5 million? $224,867 per job!!!! Do you think anybody who get's one of these government created jobs will be earning $224k per year? of course not. Maybe 40k which is about the average wage these days, if you have a job that is. So where does the other 180k per job go? Sure seems like sound economics to me. Spend almost a quarter of a million dollars so somebody can have a make work job and earn 40k. I'm
sure we are headed for great economic times now.
Oh yeah, remember the stimulus package last year? 160 billion handed out to everybody that we borrowed from China and Japan? We were told that would create 400,000 new jobs by our super smart leaders who came up with the plan.
How did that work out?
Why do we let these pinheads continue to treat us like children and continue
to rob us blind? They are inept, incompetent, ignorant and worst of all completely corrupt. Time to clean house and throw all the bums out by whatever means necessary.
Isn't it interesting how gold and silver keep rising in the face of all these
grand new plans to turn things around? Obviously there are a few skeptics out
there who doubt the abilities of our elected financial geniuses. I know where
I am placing my confidence- Solar power, food, guns and ammo and gold and
Makes no sense to continue to believe the liars who created the problems in
the first place. That defies all right reason.


The King of America said...

How do the people in power not see this? It is hard to believe they would continue on this course if they could see it because it leads even to their own downfall. Yet how could they be so blind as to not see it. I have to think that they are at least trying to do what they think is best and yet it is so clearly flawed. Even most elementary aged children can see that no matter how badly they may want the $50 toy...if they only have $1, they're not getting it. The government just takes it anyway.

Right Reason said...

Either they are idiots or they are doing all this for their own reasons, in opposition to the good of the people they rule.

cport99 said...

What I don't quite get is that OBomba stated that this Stimulus Package would "create" or "save" 3.5 million jobs. Well, which is it going to be? He's not sure? If it's to create 3.5 million jobs, they will surely be government jobs at private industries expense. If it's to save 3.5 million jobs, where & how can this possibly be quantified? Or did he mean that this would be a net of 7 million jobs total? And as for "Time to clean house & throw all the Bums out by whatever means necessary", I agree 100% but, I have another question. If the most recent Commander In Thief, G.W. BushWacker had an approval rating of 29% or less as was reported, & the Democratically controlled Congress had an approval rating of around 14%, then how, in the November 2008 elections, did 95% of Congressional incumbents get re-elected? Seems to me there was either voter fraud, really dumb voters, both, or the polling numbers had an extremely high margin of error. Any thoughts?

Right Reason said...

I think obama meant he was going to destroy 3.5 million jobs. But I think he was being modest. Probably more like 10 million jobs.