Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Why is it that throughout all history and societies theft is forbidden, frowned upon or illegal as an individual?
Thou shalt not steal seems to be a near universal individual commandment.
Why is that?
And yet something which is forbidden to individuals is fostered, supported and condoned when done by a group or organization called a government, made up of those same individuals. Why?
All governments exist solely as a result of theft. And that theft is backed by force.
Why do we look down on our neighbor who steals a car, a loaf of bread or a piece of candy but clap our hands and cheer when some thug stands behind a podium and brags about all the money he will steal from us and our neighbors every single day? WHY?
Why the disconnect? How did we get so screwed up that we can't see things as they really are?
Do we support institutional theft because we figure we will profit more than we are robbed?
Do we support government backed armed robbery because we want the guy who has more than us to be brought down to our level?
Are we afraid of what will happen to us if we resist being robbed and look at it as paying "protection" money?
Are we just cowards who ignore our conscience and take the path of least resistance?
Or have we been brainwashed by the state for so many years that we literally can't see the truth?

The fact is whether you steal directly from another or indirectly by supporting your agent, the state, you have stolen from another person.

The states crimes become your crimes unless you quit supporting it once
you know the truth.
All the murders committed by the thugs in charge, shrouded in the false god of patriotism, will be in part your fault.
Force is only legitimate in self-defense.