Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Gun violence = gun control

     It seems lately that the media has picked a new buzz word for their agenda to enact stricter gun controls. The new phrase is "Gun Violence". Sounds scary, doesn't it?
Like there is a bunch of guns out there, lurking around every corner, just waiting to pop up and fill you full of holes. Sounds like a good theme for a 'B' horror movie to me.
     Gun violence. Is that even possible? That would mean the gun actually perpetrates violence. As all of you reading this must know a gun is an object and it can't move or operate on its own. A gun can't build itself or buy ammunition and load itself. It also isn't sentient and has no ability to control others and make them do its bidding.
Therefore the term gun violence makes no sense at all.
     Have you heard of knife violence or club violence? You should know that in 2009, 1825 people died of 'knife violence'.  That sounds ridiculous, doesn't it? And yet if gun violence is a problem, which we must address, then we also must deal with knife violence, club violence and bat violence. Right? 1825 murdered people matter, don't they?
     Wonder why this huge threat isn't being addressed by our media friends? Don't they care about all the people who die by "assault knives"? Don't we deserve to have our rulers, I mean leaders, save us from those big black, double-edged knives that are out there making our lives hell? Shouldn't we have knife registration? Shouldn't we close all those knife buying loopholes where people say they are just going to use them to cook with? As if.
     Why are they not concerned about this? Why aren't they protecting us? Why the silence on this terrible danger? ?
     Oh, wait a minute. . . . . I think I get it now. They really don't care about how we die or what kind of "violence" we suffer in the process. But they do care about blow-back. They are concerned about the people who don't like being ruled and robbed and what they might do in retaliation. And they don't care if we have knives, bats or clubs because they have guns. Ever heard the saying, "don't bring a knife to a gun fight'? Well guess what? They have too.
     They aren't afraid of you arming yourself with a knife, a bat or a club because they will shoot you down with almost no risk, if you ever try to defend yourself against them. So they really don't care if you are murdered with those things. They really DON'T CARE!
     The only gun violence out there is their attempts to take your guns away. They use violence against you, while they are armed with guns, to disarm you. They won't and don't hesitate to kill you in order to disarm you. Couldn't that be considered 'gun violence' as they use the term? But the fact is, they love guns as long as they have them and you don't. Gun control is the only real 'gun violence' out there.