Friday, January 4, 2013

Let's talk guns.

Guns, assault weapons, semi-auto firearms and large magazines are all in the news lately after another mass shooting by some psycho. And of course all the usual haters are out in force demanding new bans and increased restrictions. So let's get right down to the heart of this controversy.
First, What does a gun represent? The answer is FREEDOM!! Yep, a gun = freedom. You think I am nuts? You think I am stupid for saying that? Well let me explain. Every person born onto this earth has inherent rights; the right to life, liberty and property. And all those rights are dependent on the ability one has to defend them. Self-Defense requires action. It isn't and can't be passive, as long as there are people who are evil, in this world. Who are evil people, you ask? The answer is simple; People who want to hurt you, control you and steal your stuff. And history is clear that those kinds of people have always existed.
So the question is how does one best defend ones life, liberty and property from the evil people who want to take them away?
Many people who believe in the myth of authority would say government by force is the answer (government by force? ?  Is there any other kind?). Those people believe that other people will protect them better than they ever could. They believe laws, cops and armies will keep them safe. So how many people have been murdered by government in the last century? Over  260 million! Hasn't worked so well has it?
A truly responsible person will realize that their safety is their own responsibility and then figure out how to best safeguard it. What tool or precautions should one employ? Here's an idea; Let's look at what government uses to do that? This might be surprising. They use guns. Yep, they use guns. Those horrible, evil inanimate objects known as assault weapons and semi-automatic firearms. Those evil, metal monsters, they don't want the commoners to have, but which they then buy and employ by the millions.
WHY DO THEY USE GUNS to defend themselves and their interests? The answer is quite simple, actually. There is no other tool on the planet more ideally suited to self-defense than a gun. So if it is good for them why wouldn't it also be good for you? Do you think the people in your government who rule over you are smarter than you? More compassionate then you? Do they have higher morals than you do? Are they more honest than you? Do they care more about you and your friends and family than you? Do they care more about your property than you?    Hardly.
 So, if you trust them with millions of assault weapons and semi-auto firearms with large magazines, why don't they trust you also? Ever thought of that?
Your benevolent masters are surrounded by guns, all employed daily, to protect them and their property. They chose guns as the best tools for the job. Why wouldn't you do the same? Why don't they want you to?
If they really believe guns are the problem let them give up all their guns first and set the example. Isn't that what leaders do? Lead by example? Lets see some leadership on this issue.