Monday, November 3, 2014

Government IS Terrorism!

Sorry to burst anyone's bubble but that is a fact and it is high time for people to wake up and deal with the reality of it.
According to the good old Merriam Webster dictionary terrorism is defined as:
ter-ror-ism  noun \ ˈter-ər-ˌi-zəm\ : the use of violent acts to frighten the people in an area as a way of trying to achieve a political goal

So I ask you this; what is the power of government really based on? Why do people obey it when it is almost universally known to be violent, corrupt, unfair, unjust, exploitative, fraudulent, incompetent, wasteful, murderous and on and on? Isn't it because of the violent acts it initiates against those who dare to defy it? Isn't it those violent acts, initiated against people who refuse to comply with its threats, an attempt to frighten people as a way to achieve a political goal?
And ask yourself this: How does government keep amassing ever more power and control? What justification does it use to do so? Fear, right? It seeks to continually frighten people about some threat or problem, real or imagined which it then claims only it can defend them from or fix. So, 'give' it more of your money and more power so it can protect you from the boogeyman. Isn't that the reality of it? Isn't that how it indeed operates? Isn't that the cold, hard, uncomfortable truth you don't want to admit?
Creating fear in its subjects is its most powerful weapon, which it then uses to coerce them into obeying and submitting to it. Making you afraid and keeping you in fear is its real goal. Is that not terrorism?
Why do people submit to the extortion racket called 'taxation' run by the ruling class? Isn't it because they are afraid of the violent acts which will be initiated against them if they don't? If you weren't forced to 'pay taxes' would you really do so? C'mon, seriously?
Or are you one of the sheeple who makes the ludicrous argument that the loot is just used to do 'good things' for us that we would be otherwise incapable of doing on our own?
If so, then why don't you voluntarily pay more? What is stopping you from putting your money where your mouth is?  In 2013 people voluntarily only gave $1,763,754.56 to reduce the national debt. Not much love there, huh?
I guess most people don't think it is such a good idea to freely give money to the entity which steals so much of their money in the first place, do they? Especially one which is known for wasting a huge portion of it.
So what are you really afraid of? Are you afraid of 'bad guys' and 'bad people' who you are told by your masters are everywhere? Afraid of being personally responsible for your actions and dealing with life's challenges yourself? Do you want Mommy and Daddy to still take care of you and feed and clothe you and protect you from all the boogeymen?
 Just because the thugs who run this country tell us somebody is our enemy and a terrible threat doesn't make it true. Who really threatens us the most? Seems to me the real threat is much closer to home.
ISIS, the current bad guys du jour, have never stolen a penny of the money I earn but the gang known as government steal from me daily. First it was Iraq and then Afghanistan, then Al Qaeda, then Iraq again, then Iran, then Syria, then Libya and now ISIS and Russia and on and on. The ruling thugs never run out of enemies and never miss a chance to try and scare us into believing we face some existential threat that only they with their superior wisdom, judgement, insight and benevolence can protect us from.
Well, sorry I quit buying into their b.s. a long time ago. The state is the biggest terrorist organization on the planet and it only exists because the people it rules over let it do so.