Friday, October 3, 2014

Taxation is THEFT!

ALL taxation is theft. It is stealing and it is immoral. Taxation is nothing but a clever word used by thugs and control freaks to trick their subjects into funding their evil schemes. It isn't a moral obligation or a debt "owed" in any ethical way. In fact it is just the opposite. Allowing oneself to be robbed doesn't make one noble or righteous or good. It makes one a dupe and a party to a crime, a crime against humanity and liberty. It is providing fuel for the beast which destroys freedom and all that is good in people.
     So why is it theft? The answer to that is very simple. Theft is taking something from somebody else that isn't yours by force, deceit or threat of force. Is taxation backed by force or threat of force? Of course it is. That is so obvious a child can see it. If you don't give up to the ruling class the tribute they say you owe them, what happens? They first threaten you with demands and if you don't comply they send the enforcers after you, don't they? People with guns who don't hesitate to fire them at you if you don't get back into line and open your wallet. And of course you have to "pay" even more for causing the trouble in the first place.
     Is the tax system also based on deceit? Of course it is. The system is completely unfair giving breaks and favors to the politically connected and to any group with money. It feeds and breeds inequality, fraud and dishonesty. It turns people into pets and slaves and masters. It promotes waste and inefficiencies. And what is it supposed to do? Keep one safe and ensure ones liberty and freedom, right? It does none of those things if you think about it.
     How can you be safe and free when you have a group of thugs living off YOU, who can take everything you have 'legally' because you broke one of their laws, which in all probability harmed no one?