Friday, June 4, 2010

Live and let live

Ever hear that? Believe in it?
Ever vote?
Then you are a hypocrite.
What does casting a vote mean?
It means condoning the use of force against others for doing something or believing something you don't agree with.
Example: supporting the "war" on drugs.
Believing it is a good thing to send a paramilitary, mercenary squad into somebody's house and forcing them into a cage for smoking pot.
Right now there are more than 2 million non violent drug users locked in cages in this enlightened, so free country. 2 million "free" people behind bars because they chose to exercise their "liberty".
Doesn't sound like there is to much "Live and let live" happening to me in this "free" country.
But there is a whole lot of fascism happening.
But drugs are bad right? Says who? The government, that paragon of virtue, and morality? Then why do they push the two most abused drugs on the planet; tobacco and alcohol? Maybe because they make a lot of money from pushing it?
And of course they make a lot of money from making other drugs illegal and guaranteeing monopolies for their huge donors in the pharmaceutical business.
But even more importantly by making "good" drugs legal and "bad" drugs illegal they get lots of power and control over people which is what government is really about.
Live and let live? Not in this country.