Thursday, November 3, 2011

Who will you vote for for president?

Does it really matter? I will tell you who I am voting for: NOBODY!!

I don't vote anymore and I never will again. I took the red pill and realized voting is just another part of the con inside the Matrix. It is a fraud and helps perpetrate the ongoing monstrosity we call government.
So what do I have against voting? The proper question should be why would a thinking, moral person even consider voting?
Here are a few of my reasons for not voting anymore:
One, there is no real choice in our two party dominated system. You choose tweedledee or tweedledum. Both will rob you, control you, lie to you, exploit you and if you resist they will escalate the level of violence against you until you submit, are thrown in a cage or are murdered. Every single year of my life, regardless of which group of thugs was "elected" to run things the government has gotten bigger, more oppressive, more corrupt and more intrusive. Believing you can vote to change that reality is simply foolish. They simply play you against each other by telling you they are the answer to all your problems and that if you just give them the power they will undo all the damage the other guy is doing.
Two, I believe voting is immoral. When you vote, when you get right down to it you are trying to have your "way" forced onto others. And others vote to have their way forced on you. I believe neither side(or any person) has the right to force anything on anybody.
Three, it is a fraud anyway. The system isn't credible or trustworthy. Big money dominates politics not right and wrong. Votes are frequently uncounted, disqualified or faked.
The rule of law is dead. And I think it is a poor system anyway. Voting makes no sense when you realize even if a majority voted on anything(which never happens) it is a larger group forcing a smaller group to do things their way.
How is that moral? 6 out of 10 people in a room have no right whatsoever to take the property and rights from the other 4 for any reason.
Fourth, all government is based on theft by force. Theft last time I checked, is in violation of the Ten Commandments and there are no exceptions. God didn't say, "thou shalt not steal, except government". Government isn't an exempt entity because it is nothing more than a group of individuals using power to control and rob others. The ten commandments apply to ALL individuals.
Fifth, when you vote you are supposedly voting to have another person represent you. It is a fact that unless you can write big enough checks to the candidate and the party you will get very little to no representation. You will have no clout or pull with your guy. In other words they will represent you in name only. All politicians use force as their primary tool to effect change and I don't want to force anybody to do things my way or to have my "representatives" rob them and control them and I don't want anybody doing that to me either.
Sixth, If you vote for somebody and they represent you than you are liable and responsible for their actions. That is the definition of a representative. So whose actions do you want to be responsible for? Which murderer, liar and thief is doing what you want him or her to do on your behalf?
And finally if you say they don't really represent you and you are not liable or responsible for their actions(predations) why the hell are you voting for them?
The free market, if allowed has and will provide everything people want at a price they are willing to pay without any force or coercion. And the product will be far superior to anything government is capable of "providing." If you want to cast a vote that matters, vote for freedom and liberty and vote against all government. Quit playing their game and call bull on the whole phony system by not voting.
What kind of mandate can the ruling thugs claim when nobody shows up at their polls?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Down with the Tyrants

I am very happy to see what is happening in Egypt with the overthrow of the u.s. backed thugs who have been ruling, robbing and murdering the Egyptian people for decades. It is encouraging to see people waking up and saying they won't take it anymore. I hope this leads to a domino effect where government after government is toppled by the people they oppress, rob and kill.
It is time people wake up and challenge the myth of submitting to thugs who claim authority over them which is backed only by force. Government is evil and always has been. It is always a tool used by a tiny minority to control the masses and exploit them. Nobody should be ruled by another person.
Supposedly, in this country people got together and created government to protect their rights. That is a lie and nothing more than propaganda taught to the masses by the ruling class to make them compliant and submissive so they would allow themselves to be robbed and exploited by their masters.
If government was created by the people, as their agent, it must logically be accountable to them and they must be responsible for its actions. Also, they could have only endowed it with the power and authority they had as individuals, in order to be legitimate and moral. This government is anything but. It uses theft as its primary tool to maintain and grow power and exercise control. Yet any individual who tried to do the same thing would rightly be stopped and punished for stealing. And the state murders its subjects and "enemies" all over the world and it is perceived as legitimate. How can that be? No individual had the right to murder so how could they have endowed their agent, government, with a right they didn't possess?
The belief that government has a moral, legitimate right to do things its creators couldn't is one of the biggest lies ever foisted on the people in this world.
Nobody has a right to rule, rob, kill or control you for ANY reason. Stop believing the lies and propaganda the monster spits out.