Friday, June 5, 2009

JP Morgan is a criminal syndicate

JPMorgan Hires Supertanker for Storage, Brokers Say

By Alaric Nightingale
June 3 (Bloomberg) -- JPMorgan Chase & Co., the second- largest U.S. bank by deposits, hired a newly built supertanker to store heating oil off Malta, shipbrokers reported, in the company’s first such booking in at least five years.

The bank hired the Front Queen for nine months, according to daily reports from Oslo-based SeaLeague A/S and Athens-based Optima Shipbrokers Ltd. David Wells, a spokesman for JPMorgan in London, declined to comment.

JPMorgan, which has never hired an oil tanker based on data compiled by Bloomberg going back five years, follows companies including Citigroup Inc.’s Phibro LLC unit and BP Plc in hiring ships to store crude or oil products at sea. The firms are seeking to take advantage of higher prices later in the year.

What is going on here? JP Morgan got a handout from us the taxpayer, right? So what are they doing with our money? Speculating on the cost of oil by reducing the supply which they believe will drive up the cost of oil.
Who wins in this scenario? Do you? Do I? NO! Only the greedy scumbags using our own money to steal more from us. These thieves should be taken out to the gallows and hung.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Down with american education

I was lied to all throughout my public education(indoctrination) experience.
I started public school in 1970. I was taught outright lies, useless information and disinformation. I was not educated I was brainwashed and confused.
I was forced to learn completely useless information like sentence diagramming. I had to learn what a predicate nominative and a prepositional phrase was along with articles and possessive pronouns. I didn't give a darn then and don't now. And you know what? I have never needed that useless information at any time in my life. I remember arguing with my teacher about how useless that all was and I was right. I knew it then and I have proved it now.
Another example of useless info I was forced to learn was the 3 years of algebra forced into my head. 3 years learning something I knew I was never going to use and didn't need to clutter my head with. I argued with all my teachers over the time mis-spent on learning something so esoteric and obviously useless. And you know what I was right again. I never used it or needed it since I learned it and have pretty much forgot it. And if I ever do need that info I will go to the net. I got all A's and B's in too so it wasn't like I couldn't get it. I just knew it was useless to me.
Three years I could have spent learning something of real value and import, like the philosophies and history our founding fathers knew and which formed the basis of our constitution. I learned nothing at all about that.
Then we get to the lies I was fed and thought were true. Like the lies about the scumbag lincoln who was the worst president this country ever had. Old "honest abe" was nothing of the kind. He was a power-hungry, greedy, evil dictator who did more to destroy the constitution than any other president.
He destroyed the sovereignty of the states by force and murdered hundreds of thousands of americans in the process. This country has never recovered from the damage he inflicted in his lust for power.
What you weren't taught about lincoln in school
Pretty much all the history I was taught was incorrect, biased, skewed or flat out lies. The emphasis was on memorizing dates, names and events and little to nothing was taught me about the reason, cause or import of that information. Memorizing is not learning. Spitting out a bunch of useless facts doesn't make you an educated person. I memorized so much useless garbage I had little time to even think. I used to know all the state capitols and that has proven to be very useful in my adult life. Not!
This is pretty simple but remember the story about George Washington and the cherry tree he chopped down? Never happened. It was invented long after he died by a writer. Of course that is no fault of George Washington who was definitely one of this countries greatest presidents and patriots but it is indicative of the crappy "education" our kids are forced to endure.
And if honest economics were taught instead of algebra to every kid in the country do you think we would be in the dire financial straits we are in now? If we were taught about the evils and unfairness of fractional reserve banking and fiat money from the time we could read do you think the banks and the government would be ripping us off for tens of trillions of dollars? If we were taught the evils of war instead of glorifying it would we be always fighting wars which do nothing to make us safer but enrich the coffers of greedy, evil people to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars, resulting in the murder and suffering of tens of millions? Not likely.
Keep us ignorant and controllable. Fill our heads with crap so we can't even think logically. Teach us lies as truth so we can be exploited and used. That is the public education system.
Ever hear the term Austrian economics EVER during your public brainwashing/indoctrination? Even once?
Well guess what? Followers of Austrian economic theory predicted exactly what is going on all around you every step of the way. They are the only school of economic thought who predicted the financial collapse we are undergoing and they were ignored, and marginalized and derided. And if you want to know what is coming next you better stop listening to the liars who get the most facetime and look up Austrian economics if you want to know what you can do to protect yourself and your family from what is coming. Go here and here for starters.