Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Why is it that throughout all history and societies theft is forbidden, frowned upon or illegal as an individual?
Thou shalt not steal seems to be a near universal individual commandment.
Why is that?
And yet something which is forbidden to individuals is fostered, supported and condoned when done by a group or organization called a government, made up of those same individuals. Why?
All governments exist solely as a result of theft. And that theft is backed by force.
Why do we look down on our neighbor who steals a car, a loaf of bread or a piece of candy but clap our hands and cheer when some thug stands behind a podium and brags about all the money he will steal from us and our neighbors every single day? WHY?
Why the disconnect? How did we get so screwed up that we can't see things as they really are?
Do we support institutional theft because we figure we will profit more than we are robbed?
Do we support government backed armed robbery because we want the guy who has more than us to be brought down to our level?
Are we afraid of what will happen to us if we resist being robbed and look at it as paying "protection" money?
Are we just cowards who ignore our conscience and take the path of least resistance?
Or have we been brainwashed by the state for so many years that we literally can't see the truth?

The fact is whether you steal directly from another or indirectly by supporting your agent, the state, you have stolen from another person.

The states crimes become your crimes unless you quit supporting it once
you know the truth.
All the murders committed by the thugs in charge, shrouded in the false god of patriotism, will be in part your fault.
Force is only legitimate in self-defense.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Why do we need the gold standard?

Ever heard of Hugo Salinas Price? Want to hear what a billionaire has to say about gold? Click on his name and you will read an amazing article on why it is tremendously important we return to a gold standard if we want to get this country and the world back on track economically. Gold is vital to ensuring we have a healthy economy which isn't based on ever increasing debt and never- ending increases in the size and scope of government.
Please take the time to read this article and then pass it on to your friends and family. This will help you understand why we have been robbed by the people who rule over us and how to end their predations.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Live and let live

Ever hear that? Believe in it?
Ever vote?
Then you are a hypocrite.
What does casting a vote mean?
It means condoning the use of force against others for doing something or believing something you don't agree with.
Example: supporting the "war" on drugs.
Believing it is a good thing to send a paramilitary, mercenary squad into somebody's house and forcing them into a cage for smoking pot.
Right now there are more than 2 million non violent drug users locked in cages in this enlightened, so free country. 2 million "free" people behind bars because they chose to exercise their "liberty".
Doesn't sound like there is to much "Live and let live" happening to me in this "free" country.
But there is a whole lot of fascism happening.
But drugs are bad right? Says who? The government, that paragon of virtue, and morality? Then why do they push the two most abused drugs on the planet; tobacco and alcohol? Maybe because they make a lot of money from pushing it?
And of course they make a lot of money from making other drugs illegal and guaranteeing monopolies for their huge donors in the pharmaceutical business.
But even more importantly by making "good" drugs legal and "bad" drugs illegal they get lots of power and control over people which is what government is really about.
Live and let live? Not in this country.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

GDP is a fraud

You know what GDP is? It is supposed to be the market value of all final goods and services made within the borders of a country in a year.
Sounds straightforward right? And the u.s.a. gdp was reported as 14.6 trillion for 2008.
The u.s. government reported a budget for 2008 of 2.9 trillion. That doesn't count the money robbed from the social security "lockbox" either.
Anyway, the GDP includes all government spending.
Does that make any sense?
How does robbing somebody and then spending the money realistically add to GDP?
To include the loot stolen at gunpoint from u.s. citizens, and then spent by the gun toting thugs as part of GDP is utterly ridiculous.

In reality our GDP is much lower than claimed and our debt already exceeds 100% of that. The collapse is coming.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Government employees are all parasites

Yep. Every single government employee is a parasite, a leach, a cancer which shouldn't exist, in a free society.
Every single government employee should be fired and any "work" that had economic value they did, would be done by the private sector at much lower cost and with greater benefit to "society."
The only way a government job can be created is by first robbing people in the private sector through extorted taxes and fees levied at gunpoint.
Don't agree with that? Then why are there penalties for not paying taxes which are implemented by force and the threat of force(TOF)? If it made economic sense and the benefits clearly outweighed the negatives there would be no need for force or the TOF to collect them, right? Everybody would happily pay because the pros would outweigh the cons. Clearly not the case.
I have a very low opinion of teachers who are ALL parasites and whose main purpose(although not stated) is to build up and support the state, the biggest organized crime group there has ever been.
Do I feel the same way about teachers who work in the various private schools? No. I don't really care what they teach or how well they do it as I am not forced at gunpoint to pay their salaries.
Public school teachers(propagandists) on the other hand only have jobs because the state uses force or TOF to rob me, mainly through taxes on my home.
If I don't knuckle under to their extortion they will send the local thugs with guns,(teachers tell us they are there to protect and serve. What a joke) and all their paramilitary toys to force me to vacate my home or kill me. That is freedom? Sounds like evil defined to me.
Once again, if I valued their product(propaganda, control and brainwashing) I would be more than happy to spend my money on them, wouldn't I? Nobody would have to force me or threaten me, would they?
After all MacDonalds doesn't have a gang of thugs who force me to eat a Big Mac and fries do they? Home Depot doesn't send a gang of black-suited, machine gun toting killers to force me to buy some garden tools do they?
No if they did that would be breaking up the government murder monopoly and we can't have that. Government hates competition.
There is not one single government "job" that is worth doing(maybe 25% of them) that couldn't be done more economically, more efficiently and with more freedom for all, that wouldn't be done by private businesses in the free market if ALLOWED to by the thugs who rule over us.
Government IS the problem.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Gold = Freedom

That's right, if you are against using gold and its little sister, silver, as money you are opposed to freedom. You are an advocate for armed robbery.
Gold and silver are the most honest forms of money ever discovered in the history of human civilization.
Its physical properties and relative scarcity surpass all other known elements that can be used as money.
One of the prime qualities of sound money is that it must be difficult or even impossible to counterfeit. Paper money fails miserably in that aspect. Ordinary criminals have successfully counterfeited it throughout its historical use and that is easily proven by the fact governments continuously try to modify it to make counterfeiting harder.
However when looked at logically this is like the fox guarding the hen house, as governments are the biggest counterfeiters in the world.
The proof is endless inflation which is caused solely by an increase in the money supply created by government and their partners in crime, central banks and bankers.
Gold cannot be counterfeited. It cannot be printed and when only gold is money you cannot have fractional reserve banking which is at the very heart of the global financial bust happening right now.
Fractional reserve banking is the legal scam whereby your hard earned money is multiplied through deceit and fraud into more than ten times the original amount at your expense. Sound fair?
Gold money keeps men and governments honest.
Money is(or should be) earned by hard work, investment, risk and ingenuity and not by turning on a printing press or entering some keystrokes in a computer somewhere.
Every person who works for a living should be incensed at the way paper money is created. It is evil and benefits the thugs at the top at the expense of everyone else.
If we returned to gold and silver as our only money(forget all paper unless it actually contains gold) the fraud and corruption which is so rampant would almost disappear.
Only the use of paper as money allows these swindles to continue on such a gigantic scale.
If you desire freedom look in your wallet, for there you will find the chains that bind you.
Paper and plastic are the tools used to control and enslave you. Gold will break their power and control.
Educate yourself and stand up for freedom.
Gold is freedom.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

End of paper

I haven't posted in a long time. Pretty disgusted by the theft, robbery, corruption and collusion going on at the highest levels of government. Our government is nothing but organized theft. The bankers and politically connected are systematically robbing us of everything we have.
And the medium being used is #1- government itself and #2 the money system under which it steals our labor and wealth in a hundred different ways.
We work for paper and paper is intrinsically worthless. Yet we have been bamboozled and conditioned to accept worthless paper as pay and as a store of wealth. While it functions alright as payment for services it is a terrible store of wealth. History is clear on that.
Haven't you noticed how the crisis's are getting bigger and closer together and demand larger and larger amounts of created money.
The whole system is hitting the wall and the amount of debt is increasing exponentially. It can't be paid off. There isn't enough productive capacity in the world to do so. And soon even the payment on the debts will be impossible. When that happens it all comes crashing down and the only things left standing will be honest money- money that can't be printed out of thin air; Gold and Silver.
If you don't get some now you WILL regret it later and all your paper wealth will get wiped out.
Do a little research. Compare gold to all fiat money. There is an inverse relationship there which is obvious. As the paper with pretty pictures goes up in smoke gold will continue its inexorable rise.
We all know governments are corrupt, full of fraud and run by liars. Paper money is their money and their way to steal from and control you. Time to trade paper for gold and let them have all the paper they want.
The choice is yours.