Tuesday, May 11, 2010

End of paper

I haven't posted in a long time. Pretty disgusted by the theft, robbery, corruption and collusion going on at the highest levels of government. Our government is nothing but organized theft. The bankers and politically connected are systematically robbing us of everything we have.
And the medium being used is #1- government itself and #2 the money system under which it steals our labor and wealth in a hundred different ways.
We work for paper and paper is intrinsically worthless. Yet we have been bamboozled and conditioned to accept worthless paper as pay and as a store of wealth. While it functions alright as payment for services it is a terrible store of wealth. History is clear on that.
Haven't you noticed how the crisis's are getting bigger and closer together and demand larger and larger amounts of created money.
The whole system is hitting the wall and the amount of debt is increasing exponentially. It can't be paid off. There isn't enough productive capacity in the world to do so. And soon even the payment on the debts will be impossible. When that happens it all comes crashing down and the only things left standing will be honest money- money that can't be printed out of thin air; Gold and Silver.
If you don't get some now you WILL regret it later and all your paper wealth will get wiped out.
Do a little research. Compare gold to all fiat money. There is an inverse relationship there which is obvious. As the paper with pretty pictures goes up in smoke gold will continue its inexorable rise.
We all know governments are corrupt, full of fraud and run by liars. Paper money is their money and their way to steal from and control you. Time to trade paper for gold and let them have all the paper they want.
The choice is yours.


Anonymous said...

What happens when the government makes it illegal to own or make transactions involving precious metals?

Greg S said...

That is a concern. Government does whatever it wants to further its own interests and it hates honest money. But if enough people quit believing in and worshiping authority their power will disappear.