Thursday, December 31, 2009

Best government = no government

My "evolution" if you will, brought about by my own observations, thought and study of history, economics and philosophy have forced me to this conclusion; the best government is no government.
I consider myself a moral individual(with admitted human failings and shortcomings). I have made many mistakes, sometimes just variations of the same ones(doh!) and will undoubtedly make many more before I die. I believe real morality can only come from God unlike many of my atheist friends who believe it is a product of evolution. I am not going to debate that here.
I believe in the philosophy of "Do no harm" and try to follow the golden rule, not "He who has the gold makes the rules," but the one taught by Jesus Christ, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." That is how I try to live my life.
As such I have come to the inescapable conclusion that government isn't a "necessary" evil, it is evil. Because all government is based on force and force is immoral and evil with one exception; it is moral in self-defense.

Government, particularly the ones which rule over me; U.S. federal, florida state and county and city government all operate by force or the threat of force. Their collective purpose is to use that force or threat of force(TOF) to rob me, subjugate me and control me. No matter how you spin it, sugar coat if or obfuscate when you strip all that crap away that is the essence of it.
Force is evil and force is immoral and living under force or TOF doesn't make you free, it makes you a slave.
America is not a land of freedom and liberty it is a land of armed robbery, imprisonment, threats and murder. Every single thing government does is at gunpoint. Anytime you resist the government in it's efforts(almost always successful) to rob you it will escalate the use of force against you until you submit or die. Yet what is one of the supposed primary purposes for the existence of government? Isn't it to make you safer, protect you and your property? At least that is the b.s. I was fed in my 13 years served in the state-run indoctrination camps.
Tell me how does jailing me or killing me because I don't want to be robbed make me safer or protect my property? See the contradiction there? It is a huge one, isn't it?
Oh, you say, "Yeah but the government uses the money it robs you of to give you stuff, good stuff like roads, a wonderful court system and a huge army that murders lots of threatening, dangerous people all over the world who are a threat because the government tells you they are and should like being threatened, occupied and killed." Great argument.
Or you say, "Well the government steals your money to help people who need help because they can't help themselves and it is moral to help them."
I see. Steal from me to give to somebody else who is usually to lazy to help themselves. Why can't I just help them instead without having a gun being pointed at me and robbed. Why can't I eliminate the middleman who takes a huge cut before anything makes it to that unfortunate?
By the way ( and I am not tooting my own horn) I do give 10+% of my income to help those who are less fortunate and deserving of help without being forced, because I choose to. That way I get the benefit of giving freely and the recipient gets the benefit of receiving a gift instead of blood money and we both are happy. It is not charitable to put a gun to my head, take my property and give it to somebody else. That doesn't make you a moral person whose actions should be lauded it makes you a THIEF! And if you hire or support(vote for)any another person to steal from me even under the laws of this corrupt country(were they enforced equally) you are an accessory to armed robbery and just as accountable.
Strip away the sugar coating, the lies, the propaganda and you are just that, a THIEF!
There is a much better way to live and address needs of individuals who live and interact together without resorting to force or the TOF. The only reason you don't know or believe that is because you have been conditioned and brainwashed to think government and guns pointed at everybody is the only way.
Take the red pill. Educate yourself and start asking why. Question the things you think are necessary and peel back the layers of lies and propaganda. You don't use force in your own life to solve your problems and address your needs. Did you force somebody to date you? Marry you? Did you force Apple to make that iphone? Did you force McDonalds to sell you a Big Mac? How could it possibly be moral to go over to your neighbors house and rob him at gunpoint so you can build an army, build a road or erect a useless statue or give that property to a person to lazy to work? Do you shrink at the thought? Does that make you cringe inside? It should.
So if you wouldn't do that why is it o.k. to hire somebody else to do it? Why would it then be moral to vote for some lying scumbag to do it? Why would it be moral in a neighborhood of ten families for 6 of them to vote to rob the other 4? Does might make right? When my property, which is my life because I used my life's energy to acquire it, is taken from me by force or TOF no matter how it was done or justified, or what it is used for a crime was committed. An immoral act was done and evil was perpetrated.
The person who pointed the gun at me and the person who gave him or her the gun is just as culpable for this crime.
There is a better way. It is just that the thugs in charge, the evil scum ruling over us have tricked us. They have brainwashed us, dulled our senses and dumbed us down to the point where we, most of us don't even question what is really going on. Most of us have spent 13 long years having this forced down our throats as the best way, told we are free and virtuous and good by being a nation of thieves. What a crock!
Wake up. Think. Ask questions. Read. Look around you. The noose is tightening and the chains are getting heavier.


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Have your read or this site I think you might be interested in their take on government control. Maybe you already keep up with these opinions-I just saw the news today.

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Hey- Right Reason... where are you these days? The government is falling apart and I want your ideas for saving the country!! We need a new post man:)