Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"Barbarous Relic"

Ever wonder why the media hates gold? Why do they badmouth it so much?
And if it is a barbarous relic why do all central banks have tons of it?
If it is nothing but a useless relic of the past, why keep it around? Why don't they abandon it completely?

The truth is they hate gold and silver because it is honest money. It is unprintable and makes their phony paper fiat money look bad. As long as we keep it around it limits the scam they are perpetrating on us. It is the only check on the paper they force us to use as money. The sad thing is they use that paper to suppress the price of gold also. Wake up people and understand the chains that bind us. They are only made of paper and they are easy to break but we aren't even trying.

Buy gold and silver and break the chains. Take back your freedom.