Friday, July 24, 2009


Why are gold and silver the best basis for sound money even in todays' technologically sophisticated world?

1. Human nature never changes.
2. History proves point number 1.
3. Precious metals are scarce and sound money should be scarce or rare.
4. Precious metals can't be inflated because of their relative rarity and
cost in terms of time and capital to produce. Can't print gold.
5. Precious metals keep government in check and accountable to the
market. Can't inflate real gold supplies.
6. They are relatively indestructible compared to paper. Pretty obvious.
7. They have industrial uses. Most electronics require them.
8. They are desirable to almost all of humankind for their inherent
qualities. Bought any paper jewelry lately?
9. Easily divisible. Paper money does share this characteristic.
10. Have always maintained their buying power.

But the best reason of all to use gold and silver as money again is it prevents the government from stealing your money through inflation and then using the stolen money to expand it's power and control over you and your family. Gold is a noose around the bureaucrats necks that keep them in line and subject to you. Course if you like being a slave keep using your paper.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Is healthcare a right?

If it is that means you own the health care provider.
In order for you to be able to visit a doctor and benefit(hopefully) from his or her accumulated knowledge and skill he or she has to acquire those things.
So how did that happen? The doctor sacrificed his or her time(many years) and money acquiring those things. Did you pay for that accumulation of knowledge and skill? If not, then what claim do you have on it?
Absolutely none whatsoever. If you think you have a right to that Dr's services you are immoral and a thief.
Now, if you are willing to enter into a voluntary contract with that Dr, wherein you receive treatment and he or she receives agreed upon remuneration you are not a thief and can consider yourself a moral person.
However, if you use the power of government to force this Dr. to treat you, you once again become a thief and an immoral person. No matter how it is done, if you use force in any way, personally or by proxy(government) to get services from that doctor against his or her free will you become a thief.
Nobody can own another person and by extension the service or product produced by that person. Anything a person produces whether it be a product or a service is owned exclusively by that person unless done while under contract to another. Like in an employer/employee relationship.
Anytime you take by threat of force or by force itself you become a thief.

So if you think healthcare is a right you are admitting you are a thief.


Is inflation good or bad? What causes it? Is it an inevitability?
Let's look at these questions.
First of all, inflation is a monetary event. It is caused by the creation
of more money and putting it into the economy.
Let's look at inflation in relation to gold. We all know gold is relatively scarce
in comparison to other things like lead, aluminum, copper or paper. Because something is scarce and demand for it is high its price reflects that. Gold has to be mined to get it out of the ground at great expense in terms of capital and labor. Then it has to be refined and purified before it can be minted into coins, made into jewelry or used in electronics. All the known, mined gold in the world would fit in about a 66 foot cube, about the size of a small office building.
So how would one lower the price of gold dramatically, say by 95%? Well, one way would be if all of humanity suddenly decided gold was pretty much worthless and demand almost completely disappeared. History teaches us that scenario is not likely. Now what would happen if an asteroid a little over 300 square feet cubed in size, made of pure gold, crashed into the earth? (forget the effects of such a crash) Now gold is suddenly 100 times more abundant. The value of all pre- gold asteroid gold would plummet. Because the supply was inflated tremendously by this unlikely event the value of gold would collapse. All goods and services previously priced in gold would jump in price or inflate about 100 times.
A car which cost 20 oz. of gold to purchase before the gold asteroid arrived would now cost 2000 oz. of gold to purchase, due to the now relative abundance of gold.
It is easy to see that the likelihood of the gold supply increasing 100 times is slim to none at this time. Therefore when items are valued in gold they will not increase in price much at all. History bears this out.
Now how about if we price goods and services in something that isn't in such a limited supply like, hmmm maybe paper. Cut down some trees, turn them into pulp, process the pulp into paper and cut it into little uniform pieces. Then print some pretty designs and numbers on that paper with some colored ink. Now lets call that money and use it to buy stuff.
So the people in charge of this print up say 1 billion units(dollars if you will)of face value in this new paper money and it gets distributed through the economy and used as money. And it works well. Everybody accepts it and business and trade flourish. Seems like a good idea. Prices are stable and jobs are plentiful.
But then the next year something happens which changes everything. The people in charge(let's call them the government) want more money to further their agenda, you know helping the common man and making this society a utopia. So they say we are going to tax everybody at a 10% rate so we can do all these wonderful things we have planned for your benefit because we are such good, charitable people. But oddly enough the "common man and woman" say, "no thanks we will keep our money and use it ourselves for our own benefit". Talk about greedy and self-serving.
So the powers that be (PTB) come up with a plan. They print up another 100 million units(dollars) and start "spending" them into the economy.
So what happens when this new 100 million in money works its way through the economy? Since there is now more money chasing the same amounts of goods and services the prices start to rise. Who does this hurt?
The common man and woman, right? Their income didn't increase and their savings didn't increase when all this new money came into play but the purchasing power of all the original 1 billion units(dollars) decreased. They were robbed just as surely as if a burglar had held them up and stolen their wallet. But on a much bigger scale. Their income now purchases 10% less and so do their savings.
So who benefited? The PTB now had the money to build a bigger bureacracy and control more of the economy. They paid themselves more and rewarded themselves with more perqs and privileges.
The increase in the money supply which is determined solely by the central bankers and their lackeys, the traitors in the government, create the inflation that robs you of your income and your savings.
So now you know where inflation comes from and what its effects are on you. What are you going to do about it?

Monday, July 20, 2009

Will you buy a GM car?

Now that General Motors is government motors how many of you are going to support the corrupt takeover of GM by the government and the union?
I have owned several gm cars over my life. They weren't the best cars I have owned, that is for sure, but for whatever reason I bought them at the time.
Currently own one now- a Chevy Venture which I plan to drive until the wheels fall off.
But I guarantee this, I will not ever buy a government motors car again. Our government is evil, corrupt, fraudulent and run by murderers. Buying a gm car would be giving my approval and support to these scum. As long as I still have a limited choice about what to do with the remaining dollars in my picked pocket, you can bet they won't go to support any government entity which has been illegally taken over by the jack-booted thugs in office.
I canceled my AIG auto policy soon after the first bailout and told the customer service rep I would never willingly give them any more of my money and that I hoped they soon went bankrupt as they should have done. How many times has AIG received bailouts now? How much more money will be poured into the GM hole? Remember AMTRAK? Why would anybody with a functioning brain think the government could run a business successfully? That defies all known logic.