Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Is healthcare a right?

If it is that means you own the health care provider.
In order for you to be able to visit a doctor and benefit(hopefully) from his or her accumulated knowledge and skill he or she has to acquire those things.
So how did that happen? The doctor sacrificed his or her time(many years) and money acquiring those things. Did you pay for that accumulation of knowledge and skill? If not, then what claim do you have on it?
Absolutely none whatsoever. If you think you have a right to that Dr's services you are immoral and a thief.
Now, if you are willing to enter into a voluntary contract with that Dr, wherein you receive treatment and he or she receives agreed upon remuneration you are not a thief and can consider yourself a moral person.
However, if you use the power of government to force this Dr. to treat you, you once again become a thief and an immoral person. No matter how it is done, if you use force in any way, personally or by proxy(government) to get services from that doctor against his or her free will you become a thief.
Nobody can own another person and by extension the service or product produced by that person. Anything a person produces whether it be a product or a service is owned exclusively by that person unless done while under contract to another. Like in an employer/employee relationship.
Anytime you take by threat of force or by force itself you become a thief.

So if you think healthcare is a right you are admitting you are a thief.

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