Monday, July 20, 2009

Will you buy a GM car?

Now that General Motors is government motors how many of you are going to support the corrupt takeover of GM by the government and the union?
I have owned several gm cars over my life. They weren't the best cars I have owned, that is for sure, but for whatever reason I bought them at the time.
Currently own one now- a Chevy Venture which I plan to drive until the wheels fall off.
But I guarantee this, I will not ever buy a government motors car again. Our government is evil, corrupt, fraudulent and run by murderers. Buying a gm car would be giving my approval and support to these scum. As long as I still have a limited choice about what to do with the remaining dollars in my picked pocket, you can bet they won't go to support any government entity which has been illegally taken over by the jack-booted thugs in office.
I canceled my AIG auto policy soon after the first bailout and told the customer service rep I would never willingly give them any more of my money and that I hoped they soon went bankrupt as they should have done. How many times has AIG received bailouts now? How much more money will be poured into the GM hole? Remember AMTRAK? Why would anybody with a functioning brain think the government could run a business successfully? That defies all known logic.

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