Thursday, January 17, 2013

Simple question about guns.

                                    Are guns used by 'bad' people to harm 'good' people?
That might seem like a really stupid question when you  look at it. "Of course," everybody is thinking as they read this. So if you can get the guns out of the hands of the 'bad' people will 'good' people then be safer? "Of course," you are probably saying, again.
     But, not so fast. It is much more complicated than that. Let's clarify: a gun is a tool which can be used for good or bad depending upon it's user. Agree so far? Most people love guns in the hands of the state; meaning cops, bureaucrats, other law enforcers and members of the various military branches. They consider those armed people the 'good' guys.
     Where many people start to waver is when asked who else should have a gun and then what kind they should be "allowed" to have. So lets make this real simple. Who has caused the most harm with guns since they have been invented; a civilian person armed with a gun or a statist(government agent) with a gun? See where I am going? If you are being honest with yourself, you know(or should know) statists have killed TWO HUNDRED SIXTY MILLION plus people, since the turn of the last century alone. That is a fact. If you don't believe me start your research here: Democide 
     Now, were all those people killed by guns? No, not all, but without guns the thugs in charge wouldn't have had any of their other weapons either. The guns gave them the power to create all their other more lethal weapons. Guns were (and are) used to threaten their subjects and then rob them to get the resources to create more horrific weapons of mass destruction.
     So looking at the history of statists armed with guns whom should you fear most; your neighbor with a gun or a bureaucrat with a gun? Can you protect yourself from a common criminal with a gun if you have one also? Yes, Statistics show that is done successfully more than 500,000 times(lowest count) a year, most of the time without even firing a shot. And that didn't cost you or I a penny. That was all done by good people who decided not to be victims and took personal responsibility for their own safety. No logical criticism of those people and what they did can be made.
     Now, can you protect yourself as easily from a bureaucrat with a gun as you can a common criminal? This is where it gets much more risky as more than TWO HUNDRED SIXTY MILLION dead people found out? See, the bureaucrats use law, statutes and regulations to prevent you from arming yourself. They then lie and tell you that if you just give them the power, they will protect you. Here's a question . . .  What are politicians(people who hire the bureaucrats) known for? What does everybody expect them to do? You got it?  Yep, you're right!   THEY LIE!!
     If they can be counted on to protect you, if you don't arm yourself, why can't you sue them when they don't? Why aren't they accountable personally? What good is a promise, coming from a known liar, anyway? Any promise? Why would you believe them about anything, especially about safeguarding your life and liberty? Why would you listen to them when they tell you, you are safer if you are unarmed?
    They are all armed, every one of them. And you are paying for them to be protected. Are you satisfied with the result? What would those TWO HUNDRED SIXTY MILLION + murdered people say if they could answer these questions? You think they might say the worst decision they ever made was to trust the state and disarm themselves. Or worse yet to have trusted the state so that they never even armed themselves, in the first place?
     Here's the thing . . . .  If anybody, anybody at all has a gun and you value your life and liberty you are a fool if you don't have one.