Thursday, April 2, 2009

Getting tired of being played like a chump

I don't know about anybody reading this but I am getting close to my limit. I am so angry over the lies, fraud, thievery and b.s. being shoved down my throat by the out of control federal gov't, who is trying to usurp all power, I can hardly stand it. I am sick of the blatant manipulation of our markets by the PPT, jp morgan, goldman sachs and all the other banksters who run things strictly for their own gain. Example: They just threw out all fair accounting standards and gold and silver get hammered. Is that logical? Doesn't that reek of manipulation? Think about it.
I am surprised by my passivity and that of the citizens(or should I say comrades) around me. When will we act to overthrow the few who oppress us? What will it take to break the chains which bind us? If I was single and had no children to consider I would be taking matters into my own hands but is that excuse real justification for hoping somebody else steps up to the plate?
I know one thing; I don't being like being played the fool when it is obvious that is the case. It is incredibly insulting and demeaning to be condescended to so blatantly. Obviously the ptb think they are immune to any sort of personal reckoning. That in itself is the ultimate condescension. I don't know what will push me or others over the edge but I feel like that day is coming ever closer.
You ever stop and think about what gives them so much power over us? Only one thing- our submission. We submit to all that they do to us- the stealing, the lying, the killing, the fraud, corruption, hypocrisy and force.
We know the gov't is corrupt from top to bottom. We know they lie and manipulate us. We know they violate the constitutional mandates. We know stealing our money through taxation and inflation is just plain wrong. It is evil and indefensible.

"Why taxation is slavery"

Yet we submit to it anyway. Why don't we all just refuse to pay taxes anymore, ever again? They can't throw us all in jail and they can't kill us all.
Take away the money and they won't have enough power to continue to subjugate us. Would probably only take a million or so who quit paying. How much longer would you keep paying if your friends said they had quit?
Would you be the last sucker getting fleeced? How many people that you know would have to quit paying before you got the guts to stop also?