Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Quantitative Easing

Heard this term lately? This is what the government has decided is the latest lifesaver for our sagging economy. So what is it? The U.S. used to finance its crack habits by selling debt. The treasury would create some bonds which are nothing more than debt with interest owed on it. Then those newly created bonds went to the Fed where they magicked up so many billions and gave it back to the treasury which used it to fund all the vital and important programs the government has. So then the Chinese would buy, say 20 billion of our newly created debt from the Fed loaning us 20 billion. We in turn would promise to pay back the 20 billion plus interest at what ever the current interest rate was.
Well now there is a little problem. The Chinese or the Japanese or the Russians aren't so interested in buying this new debt for two reasons:
1. We are paying so little interest there is no real return on the money- the interest rate is less than the real rate of inflation, which means a negative return to these suckers( I mean investors) in our wasteful spending habits.
2. Due to the huge deficits, bloated government budgets, fraud and waste the dollar is in decline and will go a lot lower. This causes another hit to the value of the bonds these suckers have bought also. The net effect is they get back less money than they put in and they know it. So they Have wisely cut back dramatically on the amount of debt they are buying. Even though they are still foolishly buying some.
So what is the fed and the treasury to do? The budget has exploded and the need for more money is even greater. Can't borrow it anymore so where will the money come from?
Quantitative Easing. A fancy word for fraud. Just create the debt and sell it to ourselves. Isn't that brilliant? Why didn't we thing of that sooner? And if a few trillion is good why not create ten times that? Heck why not print enough to make us all millionaires?
It is fraud, plain and simple. Making money out of thin air is theft. The government is stealing from each and every one of us by doing so. When new money is created out of nothing and backed by nothing all money currently in existence is devalued. So your saving become worth less and eventually worthless. It is a stealth tax and the inflation tax is by far the worst tax.