Friday, October 23, 2009

Liberal or conservative?

Who cares. They are two peas in a pod. Both "camps" advocate the use of force to further their agenda.
Liberals say they are for the "little guy" and the "common man". They work for the common mans good and for social justice. They advocate using government funds to help the poor, the disadvantaged, the needy, the handicapped. They just want to right the wrongs brought about by birth and make everybody equal. At least that is the drivel they spew out to justify their theft.
And conservatives . . . what are they for? Well, less government, lower taxes, less government regulation and of course spreading democracy around the world by force. Pretty noble right?
Less regulation and lower taxes mean what? Still in favor of taxes and regulation, right? And how are those taxes collected and how are those regulations enforced? From the barrel of a gun, right? What is so conservative about that? Rob me to give to somebody else or to buy tanks, missiles, aircraft carriers and nuclear weapons. How does that make me free? I was still robbed at gunpoint and threatened with death if I didn't comply.
Anybody who supports theft by government and the initiation of force by government regardless of the label they choose to wear are brigands, robbers, thieves and murderers. Liberal, conservative, democrat, republican or whatever, all like government and the theft it advocates and the force it initiates.
Force is legitimate and moral only in self defense.
There is a better way and it is time people woke up. Anarcho-capitalism has much better solutions to dealing with life's many needs and varying situations without resorting to the use of force. Free market solutions can solve any problem or provide any service without resorting to theft and force.
We don't need corrupt bullying police, unfair and unjust courts, lying, self-serving scumbag politicians and standing armies always needing a conflict to justify their existence and bloated budgets to provide for our needs.
Ebay operates just fine without any of those. Think about it. Every good or service you need, want or require can be provided by the private sector without the need for government to corrupt the process and raise the cost of everything.