Friday, July 24, 2009


Why are gold and silver the best basis for sound money even in todays' technologically sophisticated world?

1. Human nature never changes.
2. History proves point number 1.
3. Precious metals are scarce and sound money should be scarce or rare.
4. Precious metals can't be inflated because of their relative rarity and
cost in terms of time and capital to produce. Can't print gold.
5. Precious metals keep government in check and accountable to the
market. Can't inflate real gold supplies.
6. They are relatively indestructible compared to paper. Pretty obvious.
7. They have industrial uses. Most electronics require them.
8. They are desirable to almost all of humankind for their inherent
qualities. Bought any paper jewelry lately?
9. Easily divisible. Paper money does share this characteristic.
10. Have always maintained their buying power.

But the best reason of all to use gold and silver as money again is it prevents the government from stealing your money through inflation and then using the stolen money to expand it's power and control over you and your family. Gold is a noose around the bureaucrats necks that keep them in line and subject to you. Course if you like being a slave keep using your paper.

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