Saturday, May 15, 2010

Gold = Freedom

That's right, if you are against using gold and its little sister, silver, as money you are opposed to freedom. You are an advocate for armed robbery.
Gold and silver are the most honest forms of money ever discovered in the history of human civilization.
Its physical properties and relative scarcity surpass all other known elements that can be used as money.
One of the prime qualities of sound money is that it must be difficult or even impossible to counterfeit. Paper money fails miserably in that aspect. Ordinary criminals have successfully counterfeited it throughout its historical use and that is easily proven by the fact governments continuously try to modify it to make counterfeiting harder.
However when looked at logically this is like the fox guarding the hen house, as governments are the biggest counterfeiters in the world.
The proof is endless inflation which is caused solely by an increase in the money supply created by government and their partners in crime, central banks and bankers.
Gold cannot be counterfeited. It cannot be printed and when only gold is money you cannot have fractional reserve banking which is at the very heart of the global financial bust happening right now.
Fractional reserve banking is the legal scam whereby your hard earned money is multiplied through deceit and fraud into more than ten times the original amount at your expense. Sound fair?
Gold money keeps men and governments honest.
Money is(or should be) earned by hard work, investment, risk and ingenuity and not by turning on a printing press or entering some keystrokes in a computer somewhere.
Every person who works for a living should be incensed at the way paper money is created. It is evil and benefits the thugs at the top at the expense of everyone else.
If we returned to gold and silver as our only money(forget all paper unless it actually contains gold) the fraud and corruption which is so rampant would almost disappear.
Only the use of paper as money allows these swindles to continue on such a gigantic scale.
If you desire freedom look in your wallet, for there you will find the chains that bind you.
Paper and plastic are the tools used to control and enslave you. Gold will break their power and control.
Educate yourself and stand up for freedom.
Gold is freedom.

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