Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Government employees are all parasites

Yep. Every single government employee is a parasite, a leach, a cancer which shouldn't exist, in a free society.
Every single government employee should be fired and any "work" that had economic value they did, would be done by the private sector at much lower cost and with greater benefit to "society."
The only way a government job can be created is by first robbing people in the private sector through extorted taxes and fees levied at gunpoint.
Don't agree with that? Then why are there penalties for not paying taxes which are implemented by force and the threat of force(TOF)? If it made economic sense and the benefits clearly outweighed the negatives there would be no need for force or the TOF to collect them, right? Everybody would happily pay because the pros would outweigh the cons. Clearly not the case.
I have a very low opinion of teachers who are ALL parasites and whose main purpose(although not stated) is to build up and support the state, the biggest organized crime group there has ever been.
Do I feel the same way about teachers who work in the various private schools? No. I don't really care what they teach or how well they do it as I am not forced at gunpoint to pay their salaries.
Public school teachers(propagandists) on the other hand only have jobs because the state uses force or TOF to rob me, mainly through taxes on my home.
If I don't knuckle under to their extortion they will send the local thugs with guns,(teachers tell us they are there to protect and serve. What a joke) and all their paramilitary toys to force me to vacate my home or kill me. That is freedom? Sounds like evil defined to me.
Once again, if I valued their product(propaganda, control and brainwashing) I would be more than happy to spend my money on them, wouldn't I? Nobody would have to force me or threaten me, would they?
After all MacDonalds doesn't have a gang of thugs who force me to eat a Big Mac and fries do they? Home Depot doesn't send a gang of black-suited, machine gun toting killers to force me to buy some garden tools do they?
No if they did that would be breaking up the government murder monopoly and we can't have that. Government hates competition.
There is not one single government "job" that is worth doing(maybe 25% of them) that couldn't be done more economically, more efficiently and with more freedom for all, that wouldn't be done by private businesses in the free market if ALLOWED to by the thugs who rule over us.
Government IS the problem.


Blog Buddy said...

[Ephesians 6:13-17]

Right Reason said...

I don't see the connection.

Larry Martins Fernandes said...

Dear sir,

I'm a Brazilian conservative who found out your blog the other day. I've just read this post and I'm 100% with you.

Latin America is comprized of failed, corrupted socialist countries like Brazil, where the State is and has always been in control of everything. What has made America the greatest nation on God's green Earth is free enterprise, in spite of Democrats and their cronies in the unions and the public sector.

I started a public university course but I dropped out because I thought it was wrong to suck the money from taxpayers who don't even know me.

Now I work as a free-lancer translator, I have just started a news blog in Portuguese ( and never ever use public services or facilities, be it hospitals or whatever.

The State is our enemy, you are right!!

Keep on with the good job, and bye, bye...