Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Down with the Tyrants

I am very happy to see what is happening in Egypt with the overthrow of the u.s. backed thugs who have been ruling, robbing and murdering the Egyptian people for decades. It is encouraging to see people waking up and saying they won't take it anymore. I hope this leads to a domino effect where government after government is toppled by the people they oppress, rob and kill.
It is time people wake up and challenge the myth of submitting to thugs who claim authority over them which is backed only by force. Government is evil and always has been. It is always a tool used by a tiny minority to control the masses and exploit them. Nobody should be ruled by another person.
Supposedly, in this country people got together and created government to protect their rights. That is a lie and nothing more than propaganda taught to the masses by the ruling class to make them compliant and submissive so they would allow themselves to be robbed and exploited by their masters.
If government was created by the people, as their agent, it must logically be accountable to them and they must be responsible for its actions. Also, they could have only endowed it with the power and authority they had as individuals, in order to be legitimate and moral. This government is anything but. It uses theft as its primary tool to maintain and grow power and exercise control. Yet any individual who tried to do the same thing would rightly be stopped and punished for stealing. And the state murders its subjects and "enemies" all over the world and it is perceived as legitimate. How can that be? No individual had the right to murder so how could they have endowed their agent, government, with a right they didn't possess?
The belief that government has a moral, legitimate right to do things its creators couldn't is one of the biggest lies ever foisted on the people in this world.
Nobody has a right to rule, rob, kill or control you for ANY reason. Stop believing the lies and propaganda the monster spits out.

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flaunt said...

I agree 100%! Unfortunately trying to get through to the sheep is like banging your head against a brick wall. I guess after a lifetime of violence it's hard to accept that there is an alternative. I often get criticized for having an open mind, but I guess that's the reason I can accept the truth wherever it leads while others seem content to live in ignorance and lash out at those who see things with clarity.