Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Grinning Fools!

Last night I watched about 20 minutes of the presidential address to congress. My main thought during the whole time I watched was it sure would be wonderful if North Korea or Iran dropped a bomb on the place. Eliminate all those parasites in one fell swoop.
Just watching all those grinning fools clapping every time Obama said the government was going to be bigger, more powerful, more oppressive and more intrusive made me sick.
This country is nothing but a shadow of what it once was. Freedom and liberty are nothing but words which have no meaning. It won't be much longer until we are completely overcome by darkness. The only hope is that they bankrupt us a nation sooner than later, the people get angry enough and rise up and destroy these viruses. Then maybe there will be enough of our heritage left to return to our roots and right this sinking ship.


The King of America said...

With 2/3 of the money that has been spent bailing america out of their bad choices...we could have installed wind and/or solar on every household in america. That would have increased the home values which could be credited as past and future payments which would allow people a one or two year window to catch up on things and not lose their home. It would have created jobs, protected the environment and made us less dependant on foreign sources of energy. And at least then, we would have some idea of how all this money was being spent.

Of course, the best route is for the government to only do those things they have a right to do, not coming in and taking over rights we as individuals didn't even have and certainly didn't deligate to them.

Sad to say, but I don't think we have as many selfless people today, willing to sacrifice and make the necesary changes to government. How many would be willing to give their lives to see change...I'll bet I could count the ones I know on one hand. We instead have a generation of adult babies, that just want to be cuddled, and have others responsible for their every need.

I hope it's not to late.

cport99 said...

I like your thinking, especially since Ron wasn't there. I hadn't planned on watching it, but then forced myself to watch the whole damn thing, including the Republican response. What a joke upon the American people. I laughed my ass off when OBomba said "I'm Not A Big Government Kind of Guy". And then "Credit is the Lifeblood of America". Say What? How about "Savings" is the Lifeblood of America so one can obtain Credit. I saw where Ron Paul said he doesn't attend these speeches, even under Bush, as he has more constructive things to do rather than attend what amounts to a Pep Rally. How prophetic! Pelosi should have been issued a set of Presidential Pom-Poms! And "You Don't Mess with Joe" Biden, as the Grinning Fool in Chief. What sickened me, besides being interupted every 3 to a dozen words by standing ovations, was the spectacle after the speech. The usual congratualatory handshakes turned Lovefest as women & even some men were kissing OBomba on the cheek and obtaining autographs from him like he was some sort of Hollywood Idol. Then, Gov. Jindal's response. What is it with the GOP, thinking they have to offer up a minority Affirmitive Action Program just because we now have a half-black President, to win over the electorate. What with the Female Palin as VP, the Black Michael Steele the new RNC Chair & now the Indian Bobby Jindal, they think it's just a matter of diversity? Jindal's response, while listing a few good Conservative ideals, was just more pandering while offering nothing but lip service & the standard partisanship NeoCon agenda. When's this SHIT going to end? While OBomba's oratory skills were certainly impressive & maybe even inspiring at times, if you had enough sense to cut through the B.S. & hear what he really was saying, we are in deep doo-doo. If a snakeoil salesmen is to your liking, then we truly have gotten what the electorate has chosen!