Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Been ignoring my blog because I am so sick of what is going on I don't even know what to say. The level of corruption, fraud and usurpation of power is unprecedented in american history. It is mind-boggling how fast we are becoming slaves of the state as they loot, steal and kill us. The corruption is all encompassing and at all levels of government. Isn't it amazing how much theft has gone on unpunished and unchallenged. The big banks are stealing huge sums from each and everyone of us unchallenged.
The justice department has given all the crooks a free pass so far. Why is that do you think? It is obvious to me that they are all in on it.
So what should we do? Let's secede. Lets pick a few states where the dream of liberty and freedom still remain and secede. It is a right every state has and guaranteed by the constitution. Under our voluntary union of government every state is sovereign and has the right to disassociate themselves from the others at any time for whatever reason they choose.
Of course we know what happened the last time many states seceded don't we?
The thug- in- chief, lincoln started murdering their citizens. What, you haven't learned the truth about lincoln and what a low down- scumbag he really was? How he violated the constitutional limits at will and suspended so many of its protections? How the real cause of the "civil" war was the desire by the northeners to use the power of government to unfairly tax and burden the south with outrageous tariffs? Tariffs which were more than doubled just before the war and put the burden of federal taxes almost solely on the south to the tune of 90%? Slavery? Not even a tiny factor in why the states seceded and why lincoln beat them into submission by his murderous use of force. To bad lincoln didn't get shot a whole lot sooner. If he had we would all likely be a whole lot freer.
If you are not afraid to question the lies you learned about lincoln in public school go here and start reading.
lincoln lies exposed.

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