Thursday, May 7, 2009

Jack booted thugs arrest 16 yr old

I hope you have read this or another article regarding this illegal act by the thugs in power. If this doesn't make you fear the scum that are supposed to be our public servants working for us I don't know what will. If you aren't bothered by this travesty go crawl back under your rock or just put your head back in the sand. And don't expect anyone else to care when they come for you. You are part of the problem.
The patriot act has made everybody in the country a potential terrorist according to the thugs in charge and could get you a free trip to a nice concrete cell without ever being charged with a crime. Forget probable cause. Not needed anymore. Forget the constitutional guarantee of your right to habeus corpus. Remember that phrase, "innocent until proven guilty?" Don't make me laugh. Mere words which mean nothing to a swat team armed with tear gas and machine guns, taking orders gladly from faceless bureaucrats. You know, what is the point of having all that gear if you don't get to use it? How will you get more? Yep, put it into use, anytime you can. Don't have any probable cause to use it? Who cares? Just call somebody a terrorist. Than you can do whatever you want.
Wake up people!!! Your government doesn't fear you. You are nothing more than a bug to them, to be squashed at will. Who should you fear? Not Al Qaeda. Nobody even knows if they exist. And if they do what have they done lately? It certainly wasn't Al Qaeda who went charging into the Lundeby home at 10:00 p.m. at night. Notice how the scum love to operate at night?
Terrorists? Who qualifies as a terrorist here? Ashton Lundeby sure didn't terrorize anyone. But his family was without a doubt terrorized by the jackbooted, pos scumbags posing as public servants. Must take an awfully brave man to join in a mob of other brave men armed with machine guns, tear gas, bellet proof vests, and terrorize a family after dark. I call them all cowards. Do you condone this? Do you think it is justifiable? Are you so afraid of the terrorist bogeyman that you want government thugs to do this sort of thing? Are you that afraid of a myth? Our government is the biggest terrorist organization in the world. This is a perfect example of that fact. Quit being duped! Focus on the real threat to your health, life, liberty and property.
That threat is all around you at every level of government. Government doesn't serve you. It is your master, your jailer, your oppressor. Time is short and the window of opportunity to change the trend is quickly disappearing. The patriot act has nullified the constitution. But just maybe we can still throw all the bums out and take back our freedom. Educate your friends and family. Get them to open their eyes and think about what is happening.
Think about this; everyone of the patriots who fought for their independence against England and founded this country would fall under the label of a terrorist according to the patriot act. If you don't believe me, go read it and then read the news to find out how it is being implemented.

Do something!

Besides turning on the t.v.

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