Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Time to kill the monster.

I was born in 1964 when federal governments expenditures were about $118 billion dollars. At that time the federal debt was about 316 billion dollars. The population of the country was about 192 million. Today(9/29/09) we have a population of 304 million or an increase of roughly 50%. So what is our budget and our debt?
Our debt is over 12 trillion, not counting the huge liabilities of social security and medicare/medicaid(over 50 trillion). Our budget is now over 3.6 trillion. So let's do some math:
1964 budget was roughly $614 per American and the debt was about $1654 per American.
2009 budget is roughly $11,842 per American and the debt is about $39,473 per American. (2016 update- 2015 budget was 3.8 trillion and national debt is 19.2 trillion!)
That is one heck of an increase. A 50% rise in the population has led to over a 1900% increase in the budget and an increase in the debt of almost 2400%.
Now who has been in power over those 45 years? Only two parties- the rethuglicans and the demorats. Both have controlled the entire government during that period and the results of their control are clear. Neither party has done anything to limit the scope and size of government. The budget has skyrocketed on a percentage basis as has the debt and the deficit. Clearly any talk of reducing government has been a complete and total lie. Instead, both gangs have steadily, methodically and consistently grown government regardless of all their rhetoric.

I wonder how many Americans thought government was to small and that they were under-taxed in 1964?

Voting has not made any difference in containing the beast or reducing its appetite. Only way to kill this two-headed beast is to stop voting for it and to starve it by cutting off it's main source of funding: taxation, the fed and the treasury. END the fed.

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The King of America said...

Couldn't agree more...but how do we end the fed. The government we elect seems to have more power than we the people, and the fed seems to have more power than the government...so how do we end either of the two monsters?