Tuesday, September 8, 2009

IRA seizure?

What is the risk of the federal gov't seizing our IRA's? I have thought a lot about this and think the risk is there but not sure how high it is. First of all, is there any talk of doing this by the thugs in charge? Yes. Argentina did it.
Really at this point should we put anything past the thugs who think they own us and exist to serve them and who rob us every day of our property?
So how would they do it?
Probably just take whatever the balance is on the day of seizure and give out equity in the social security ponzi scheme in return. Or maybe some newly issued gov't bonds which won't be able to be sold until a certain date. Or maybe nothing. Just say they had to bail out the system, it is our duty to sacrifice and it would be for our own good anyway and since we are to stupid to understand how complicated the issue is just take it and shut up.
I for one am taking this risk seriously and taking steps to hedge against it.
I trust no one in government and believe none of their lies. As a side issue how much food and water do you have on hand, just in case?


Blog Buddy said...

We're living on our food supply already. Because of the collapse of the economy...we've been out of a job for the whole summer. My better half went north to find work...My neighbors are keeping us afloat. The Man Upstairs knows our needs...and I rely on faith to keep me going.

Right Reason said...

I am sorry to hear that you are going through such tough economic conditions. Fortunately you have stored food and followed wise counsel. Things are and will continue to get worse. Economize where you can, maintain relationships with God, family and friends. Hope you guys get work soon.