Thursday, October 29, 2009

American Coliseum

Watched one of my favorite movies on TNT last night; Gladiator. Gave me a great idea on how to solve the economic crisis we are in. I think the romans were on to something although they put the wrong people in the arena. We will learn a lesson from history and not repeat their mistake.
First let's build a big coliseum(create jobs, right?) and wire it so that what ever goes on in it can be transmitted all over the country. (pay per view?)
Then, WE THE PEOPLE, go get the people who created this mess and put em all in gladiator school for a week. That would include all the fed owners and employees, the I.R.S., all of congress except one lone representative from Texas, all of the white house and cabinet members and the treasury dept, including good old hank paulson, ceo's of goldman sachs, j.p. morgan, citi group and bank of america. I'm sure there are a few more we can add to the "games" also.
So let them practice for a week with, swords, spears, knives, maces, clubs, etc and put em in the arena. We could give them incentive to fight hard and put on a good show for us by stating that we will let the 100 survivors go free.
Let em fight it out and entertain us as payback for all the theft and harm they have perpetrated on us until there are 100 left.
Then we open up on them with machine guns right when they think they have won their freedom.
They won't be surprised. After all they never tell the truth so they shouldn't expect us to either.


Blog Buddy said...

That is a way scary thought! (Could violence really make you happy?) I'm sure your just venting, right?

Right Reason said...

Would that make me happy? No.
Would it be just? I think so.