Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Health Care Simplified

The reason we have a health care "crisis" in this country is very simple. There are way to many players in a very simple transaction dramatically increasing the costs for all. The reason there are so many people involved in what should be a very simple transaction is government interference and a lack of personal responsibility.
Lets break this down into the basics.
I don't feel very well. I have had a pain in my abdominal area for several days and I am getting worried it is something serious. So I call up a doctor I choose and make an appointment. So far so good, right? No need for any government interference at all. So I get an appointment and am told the doctor will charge me $125 to examine me. I figure it is worth the $125 to find out what is wrong and if it is serious. I need some advice, the doctor offers his advice to me for $125 and I accept. We now have entered into a contractual agreement. We both are getting what we regard as fair value for the exchange of time for money.
The next day I get examined, a diagnosis is made and treatment prescribed.
I pay the doctor the $125 and follow his prescription and soon feel better.
Why would there need to be any other people involved in this transaction? Any other people involved would only serve to jack up the price I pay and reduce what the doctor earns. This is a private transaction between two individuals- nothing more. This is no different from him having a bicycle to sell that I want to buy. Or me selling him my advice on how to plant a garden.
That is all healthcare is. I don't have a right to the doctors services unless I agree to pay the price he wants to receive in exchange for it. And vice versa.
Just because I am sick or in pain, he is under no obligation to give me advice or treat me unless I pay his fee, or he chooses to treat me for free. I didn't pay for his education, his office, his tools, etc therefore I have no right to claim anything from him I cannot afford to pay his price for. That is it- end of story.
If you think healthcare is a right you are owed because for whatever ridiculous reason you have you are a thief. Thats right- a thief. And you believe in slavery. And ultimately murder. Think that is a stretch? Follow this:
If you think you have a right to something you didn't earn that must be taken from another you are a thief. Plain and simple. Doesn't matter what that something might be. Doesn't matter how life-sustaining that might be. If you didn't earn it or pay for it in some way, or be given it freely by its owner if you take it you are a thief.
If you think a doctor owes you his knowledge and services when you can't pay the price he offers them at you believe in slavery. You think that doctor is your slave and has to give you something for less than he values it at.
Now if you take this one step further and demand you get his labor for less than he wants to sell it for, you must employ force. Force ultimately leads to murder when the forced party rightfully resists.

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