Thursday, July 25, 2013

Don't vote! It's immoral.


Voting is immoral. It is evil and it is antithetical to freedom. There, I said it. I bet you are pretty upset right now after reading that. Probably calling me names, cursing me and questioning my sanity. And I am not surprised. After all, you have been conditioned all your life into believing that voting is synonymous with liberty and freedom and that it is your "civic" duty.
Well guess what? That belief is just one of many you have been brainwashed into accepting as the truth when in fact it is a lie. And I will show you why. Lets take a look at what voting really is- First of all, it is an attempt to use force against your neighbor. What? That makes no sense, right?
Or does it? What is the result of voting? What does it really lead to? Simple. . . . . the initiation of force by the state against its subjects and its enemies. The state functions by initiating or threatening violence against people. That is how it operates, funds itself and maintains its control. Take away that force and it would instantly collapse as the majority of its subjects would quit complying with almost all of its threats or as they call them, "laws".
Your vote(no matter who or what you vote for) accepts, condones and approves this use of force. And furthermore by voting, you attempt to direct that force against people who you think should be robbed and controlled and forced to act in a way you approve of. What gives you that right? What gives you any right to try and control another person? What gives you the right to initiate violence against them?
Secondly voting makes no logical sense. Think about this: imagine a group of 100 people in a given area. All those people have their own beliefs, likes, dislikes, goals, hopes and desires, etc. In short they are all individuals who have the right to live their lives as they choose as long as they don't initiate violence against their neighbor.
So lets says 51 of them get together and come up with a plan to form an organization(a gang) called a "government". Allegedly, they want to make things "better" and more "fair" and safer. So they all vote to make some threats (laws) and to give themselves power (power none of them originally even had) to enforce those laws upon ALL 100 people. Even the 49 who didn't agree with their plan or maybe even know about it. And even if they wanted no part of it. Is that logical? Is it fair? Is it moral?
Now do you think those 51 people have the moral right to enact their plan and use force against the other 49?
Do you? If you do and if you want to be one of the 51 then you are an immoral person. You are part of why there is so much evil and misery in this world. You want to control and exploit other people for your own gain. You should be ashamed of yourself.
No person has any moral right to control another person regardless of the intended result. You don't have a right to rob me to buy food for a starving child? You just don't. And you and your friends don't have the right to form a group and then "group" rob me either.
Forming a gang, or an organization or a "government" doesn't magically create new rights and powers. It doesn't make humans into super-humans. It doesn't endow them with rights they never had in the first place. It just gives them an excuse to justify the evil they perpetrate.
Still feel good about voting away your neighbors rights and property?


Anonymous said...

its not even worthy of a comment.

Greg S said...

Then why did you?

Madea Bridgman said...

Thank you, Greg. You know the old saying, "If voting actually did any good, it would be illegal."