Thursday, August 29, 2013

Do you want honest money?

Ever wonder why you seem to have so little money and why it seems to buy less and less as the years go by? The reason is simple; the money we earn and use to buy the things we need and want is a fraud. It is a scam and it is that way by design.
As you know there are a lot of bad people in this world and the worst of them live off of and by controlling others. They use various tools and methods to accomplish their evil objectives and I want to discuss one of their best tools, now. That tool is money. You see money isn't just something you earn and spend. It IS or can be a tool of exploitation, theft and subjugation.
Our money, the U.S. dollar is really debt. It is paper issued in collusion by the government and central banks for their benefit and to gain control. It is really the bait in a gigantic trap used to rob and control all who wander to close. When you use their money, the thugs at the top who came up with it, take a big piece of it first and the longer you hang on to it the more of it they take back.
Money is a very important component of an industrial society and its existence helps create almost unlimited goods and services which benefit all. It almost eliminates the primitive practice of barter which also facilitates trade but far less efficiently.
But unless you use and society uses an honest form of money the average person gets screwed over and over again and the bad guys get more power, wealth and control without working.
So just what does money require to be "HONEST" money? Here is a list I think you will agree with:
1. It should be a store of value.
Money you work hard for and don't have to spend to live is money you want to save and have it retain its purchasing power for something else down the road. If it loses its value you got robbed and were penalized for your thrift.
2. It should be scarce or rare.
If it isn't it will quickly lose value and nobody will want it in the first place unless forced to use it.
3. It should be fungible.
Meaning it should be mutually interchangeable.
4. It should be portable.
You need to be able to easily carry it with you when you want to spend it.
5. It should be durable.
You don't want it to get destroyed by the elements, insects, fire, water, accidents, etc.
6. It should be impossible or almost impossible to counterfeit.
This is pretty obvious as what good is working hard and or saving for a long time if somebody else can easily just make out of thin air or even 'print' up your money? Then your money would be worth less or worthless.

So read through these and look in your wallet and see how many of these characteristics of HONEST money yours meets.
By my math it meets only two of those requirements, #3 and #4. Do you agree?
So is there a form of money which satisfies ALL those requirements? What do you think?
In fact, there is and history has proved it over and over again on every continent and in almost every country and culture. Gold and silver coins. That's right. Heck it used to even be money in the good old USA until 1913 and then it wasn't. Wonder why?
Why do central banks still have so many tons of the stuff locked away? What do they know that you don't? Or one might better ask what do they know they don't want you to know? Think about that and do a little more thinking and research and see what you come up with. I bet you will then go get some gold and silver coins for yourself and save them, instead of pieces of paper with numbers on them. I sure hope so anyway.

If you think I am wrong here tell me why.

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