Thursday, April 25, 2013

Cult of Authority

This has been on my mind for quite awhile now. It is sad and disturbing to see so many people(the vast majority), all over the world, who have been taken in and become such staunch believers and active members of the "Cult of authority."
I bet you haven't heard that term before, have you?

So what is a cult? Well, most people use the term as a pejorative and that is also the way I am using it here.

A quick definition: Cult. a noun
1. a particular system of religious worship(statism), especially with reference to its rites and ceremonies(elections).
2. an instance of great veneration of a person(presidents), ideal, or thing, especially as manifested by a body of admirers(voters or sheeple).
3. the object(the state) of such devotion.
4. a group or sect(political parties) bound together by veneration of the same thing, person, ideal, etc.
5. Sociology . a group having a sacred ideology(Statism and the worship of authority) and a set of rites(voting) centering around their sacred symbols(such as flags, statues, monuments).
     The term, "Cult of authority" embraces all these descriptions. It accurately describes the actions and attributes of all people who believe in, worship and revere "authority." 

     You see most people are afraid to go it alone, to make their own decisions and then to accept the consequences. They are scared of making a bad choice and scared of all the 'unknowns' in life. They want to be taken care of and protected. They want other people making their decisions and 'protecting' them from danger and their fears. Those people become acolytes in the "Cult of authority." They become worshipers at the great altar of authority. They give up their agency and submit to whatever they are told to do and what to believe. They quit thinking and feeling  and become 'sheeple.' 
     Most people who join a cult won't harm you. You probably won't even know they are around. A lot of them separate themselves from society and form their own little groups where they pretty much do their own thing. They merely become dupes of a charismatic person who just wants to control and exploit a few people with relatively humble aspirations of power and control. 
     But members of the Cult of authority are not so harmless. They are a far different type of animal and they are a much more dangerous group of people. They will do anything for their 'authority' including murder, rape, theft and assault. As a matter of fact robbery, theft and extortion are the basic building blocks of the Cult of authority. That is where they derive most of their power.
They rob and they threaten any 'non-believers' with violence, extortion, kidnapping and caging if they dare to resist. 
They also try to spread their cult everywhere, with violence being the main proselyting tool. Either join up or run the risk of losing all your property and your life. 
     You see these cultists are of the type of people who refuse to leave you alone. Live and let live is not in their philosophy. You are either with them or you are against them and they love to kill their enemies, of which they have many. Why? Because authority tells tells them they do, of course.
Are you an acolyte of the Cult of authority?

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