Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What do you own?

I want to raise a question here which many people(americans) give very little thought to. What do you own? Or maybe more appropriately what does your government allow you to "own"? After all ownership of the fruits of ones labors is the basis of freedom and one of the founding underlying principles of the constitution. If you don't own what you trade your time, sweat and energy for you are really just a slave to the entity which lets you keep a little for yourself.
Do you own your labor? Are you taxed on that labor? At what rate? All depends, doesn't it. The more you earn the more you pay in taxes both visible and hidden.
Do you own your house? Well if you have a mortgage obviously the answer to that is no. The mortgage holder owns "your" house. What about if you don't have a mortgage and you own it "free and clear." So you own it, right?
WRONG! The local government owns it. You are renting it from them by paying property taxes. If you don't believe me quit paying the property taxes and see what happens. They local government will soon foreclose on you and sell it for back taxes. Nice, huh.
Do you own your car? Well like most people you probably bought into the whole debt enslavement scam and have a "mortgage" on your car so the lien-holder really owns it. How about if it is lien free? Well, can you drive it for very long without a license plate? No. So without permission from government you cannot use "your" car unless you pay the yearly fees and taxes imposed upon you and your property. Don't pay and they will impound it.
Do you own your retirement fund? Your IRA? Don't think so. Take it out and see what happens. Ten percent early withdrawal penalty and taxes assessed at what ever tax bracket you are in.
Do you own your body? Can you put whatever you want in it? Can you use it anyway you want? Not hardly. Can't use banned substances without risking imprisonment, can you? Can't drive "your" car without wearing a safety belt, free from possible fines, can you? Killing yourself is illegal and will get you imprisoned if you fail in your attempt.
Do you own your kids? Not that most of us want to, but we who are parents think we should be able to make decisions for them and take care of them as we see fit. After all we created them with God's help and without any help from the government. The government doesn't see it that way. They have enacted all kinds of restrictions on us as parents, thinking they know best.
Do you own your time? Hardly. Most people work until April just to pay their federal tax burden to their masters.
About the only things you really own in this country are things you quickly consume like food and clothing. Even then you are taxed on their purchase.
When is enough enough? When will we get mad enough to overthrow our masters? I'm sure not seeing it.

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