Thursday, October 23, 2008


What are those federal reserve notes we carry around and use as money? Where did they come from? How did they become our "money"? First of all "federal" doesn't mean federal government. They aren't issued or backed by our federal government. They are issued by a cartel of bankers. This cartel was formed in 1910 at a secret meeting on Jekyll Island in Georgia. I won't go into the history of who was there and what their goal was but we are living right now with the consequences of that meeting.
In the U.S. this is how money is created. . . The government decided it needs some money(always doing this) so they create some bonds. Let's say they need(o.k. just want) another 100 billion dollars. That is 10,000 million dollars. So they create 100 billion in bonds and agree to pay 3% interest on those bonds. So what they have done is to create a liability to us, the People of 103 billion dollars. Now they take these brand new shiny bonds over to the federal reserve system and the federal reserve cartel(I mean system) agrees to loan them 100 billion dollars in exchange for those bonds. Now one would wonder where did the federal reserve cartel get the 100 billion they exchanged for those bonds? Any guesses?? From their vaults, right?
Wrong! They were borrowed into existence. The new 100 billion represents
newly created out of thin air DEBT.
They just tell the treasury to print up 100 billion and give it to the government so they can fund all their little pet projects and enact thousands of silly little laws to further oppress and control us, we the People. The federal reserve cartel has a pretty good gig don't you think? They get something for nothing but a guaranty and we pay the bill. Isn't that fair? 3% interest on 100 billion you never even had is a pretty good return on investment isn't it?
This is a pretty simple explanation of how our "money" is created. As you can see the fed get's a real good deal and so does the government. Both get something for nothing but promises and guarantees. You and I get the shaft. We get stuck with the bill which we have to pay for with our sweat and blood.
What is the purpose of money? It is to effect trade and store wealth, right?
We productive people all make something other people want in the form of goods and products or labor. We exchange those things for something we think is of value. This is how money came into being. Now money should have certain characteristics which qualifies it to be used as a store of value and as an exchange of value. Good money should be rare. It should be difficult to counterfeit. It should be easily transportable. It should be divisible and it should be durable. Historically gold and silver have been found to fufill all these requirements quite well. Almost all sound money systems have been based on them throughout history. And for good reason. Times change but human nature never does.
Let's see how our money stacks up against these 5 requirements. Our federal reserve notes are certainly not rare. They are just paper and paper is plentiful.
They are easy to counterfeit and the government and the fed do so daily.
They aren't very durable, being just paper which is easily destroyed by fire, water or just by ripping it up to shreds.
Our money is very divisible and transportable though so at least it has that going for it. So it fails on 3 out of the 5 categories which characterize sound money.
We have been conned and are being controlled and robbed by the very basic foundation of our economy. Our money is nothing but debt, brought into existence by the act of borrowing and it is the chains which bind us to a live of serfdom. Nothing will ever change in this country for the better, for any length of time until we abolish the federal reserve cartel and the governments ability to create money out of thin air backed by nothing but the future labors of our children. Time to end the immoral monopoly over
money which is the lifeblood of our economy.

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