Thursday, January 10, 2013

More on Guns

Let's look at who suffers most from violent criminal attacks and then maybe we can decide who needs to be armed the most? Would it be heavily armed cops or average people? How many cops are murdered in a year by a person using a gun(in 2011 it was 62)? How many average citizens?  Latest I could find was for 2010 and was 11,078. So who needs to be armed more? I would say those 11,078 needed to be armed. How about you? Do you think far more of those would be alive if they had been armed when fighting for their lives? Are their lives of less value than the cops?
Do cops and ordinary people face the same threat of being murdered? Well, cops have never been murdered in a mass shooting? Wonder why? Do you think it is because cops are so well liked and bad people bear them no ill will? Or could it be because they are all known to be heavily armed and could fight back?
Do you think criminals hate ordinary people more than cops? Do they victimize the public in greater numbers than cops just because they hate ordinary people more?  Or might it have something to do with the fact they choose the weakest target? Just maybe, they like potential victims to be easy to victimize. Maybe they like them unarmed. Maybe they like them "under-armed" if you will.
I think I am a reasonably intelligent person and if I was going to rob somebody, I would want to be able to get away with the fruits of my crime without being injured. After all, what good is a couple thousand in stolen jewelry going to do me if I spend thousands in medical bills, trying to repair the damage I incurred taking it? And that discounts totally the pain I would incur and the ancillary costs. And I might even get killed in the process.
I want to be armed and I want you to be unarmed. That just makes sense, doesn't it? And if you are armed, I want you to be 'under-armed" compared to me. I will put my semi-auto or my illegal full auto up against your single shot, knowing the odds favor me.
So, what if nobody had a weapon? Not criminals, not cops and not average people. Would we all be safer if guns didn't exist? In that scenario lets say I decide it would be easier to take what I want from others than to work for it. What would stop me from doing that? Let's say I am 6' 1" and weigh 210 pounds and you are a woman who weighs 120 lbs. How would you reasonably defend yourself from me? Do you think you could? What if I attacked you with a friend? Now what are your chances? What if we decided to rob, rape and then kill you? Think the laws forbidding that would save you? If laws prevented those crimes there would be no rapes, robberies or murders, right?
A gun would be nice to have in that situation, wouldn't it.  A gun would instantly make you superior to the two thugs who want to harm you. You wouldn't even have to shoot them. Just the realization that you could, would likely make them run for their lives. And if they even thought you were armed they would most likely pick a weaker, safer target. 
You see, evil people aren't dissuaded from perpetrating evil by laws. But they are dissuaded by what is behind the law? Which is what?   A GUN!!!!!!  A Gun?  Oh my God!!!   How can that be?
Simple. Without the gun the law could not be enforced. It would be meaningless, useless words on a piece of paper. Without guns, or other weapons which give superiority or at least equality there would be no real threat to perpetrating theft, assault, rape and murder. The threat posed by a gun is the real deterrent to criminals and potential criminals, not the piece of paper calling them criminals. Every law is a gun. Because it is only by force, a law can be enforced. Aren't cops called "law enforcers"? DUH! And how do they "enforce" laws?  With GUNS! 
Take away their guns and any other weapons and who would pay any attention to them? They would be rendered powerless and would be afraid of any contact with "criminals".
And another thing to think about when looking at the logic of banning guns from the public: Do criminals arm themselves with different weapons when battling cops as opposed to battling ordinary citizens? Do they use less firepower when victimizing citizens than cops? Do they put aside their "assault" weapons when they attack ordinary people and use single shot guns to make things more fair? What do you think? Can you imagine a criminal with two different arsenals? A scaled down set to attack you with and a more powerful set to fight cops with? That's silly, isn't it? They are going to use the most powerful weapon they can find which gives them the advantage over their chosen victim(s).

If a criminal attacks me with an "assault" weapon or a semi-auto with a large magazine what tool should I use in response to defend myself? What should I be "allowed" to use? A single shot bolt action rifle? A single shot pistol? A knife? A baseball bat or how about just a really nice plea to go elsewhere and to leave me alone? Would I be exercising good judgement if that is how I chose to defend myself, my family and my property? Would I be helping or hurting society by allowing myself to be such an easy victim? And what if there are two or three thugs attacking me? Or a whole gang? What chance am I going to have without a semi-auto with a large magazine?
What gives them the right to use any weapon of their choice against me and as many of them getting together as they feel like to overwhelm me with? Are they bound by any laws in doing so? Isn't murder illegal? Isn't assault or rape illegal? Isn't robbery illegal(excepting government of course)?   Duh! Clearly laws don't stop crime. If they did there would be no crime. 
And think long and hard about this fact: cops and civilians fight the same bad guys. The cops demand semi-auto weapons at the very least and in many cases even full auto weapons. So if they need those weapons to fight the same bad guys, why wouldn't you? I don't hear that question being addressed anywhere among the media. Wonder why?
Letting your rulers disarm or under-arm you doesn't make you smart. Letting them dictate what you can defend yourself with and how you can do it doesn't make you a good person.
It makes you stupid. It makes you a victim. It makes you a dupe. 


Tim said...

Great post as usual!! Weapons for self defense = freedom period. Every time laws are passed to relax gun control the left/progressives in society scream we will turn into the wild west. Never happens does it? An armed society is a polite society.

Gun control isn't just about guns. It is simply about one group of people controlling another group of people. The very people demanding gun control will never relinquish their means of self protection. I wonder why? As you said let them show by example. And even if they did I would still never give up my guns.

Tim K.

Right Reason said...

I am encouraged by people like you who understand the real agenda. And you might be interested in this article about how wild the "wild west" really was:

A little 'ammo' to use next time somebody plays that lame card.

Anonymous said...

i like the way u think. i think that we do need laws to decide WHAT to enforce though.

Greg S said...

Laws are good as long as they are moral, just and equitable. The problem with laws is when you get to the "enforcement" part. And that is where you get to the problems of who enforces and how? Or is there a way to get people to obey good laws without using force?

Richard Einstein said...

Even more than ever with 50 million illegal invaders robbing, raping and murdering Americans, we all need to carry guns.

I believe the SHTF will come soon and we can take care of the damage this criminal government has done.

Its time to restore the republic, hang the treasonous banksters and politicians who have destroyed our once great nation. Send the illegal invaders home where they belong. We must take out the trash to clean up America.