Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Do you have a gun?

I am sure many who read this will disagree with this statement:
If you don't own a firearm and aren't competent with it you are an irresponsible person.
Here is my evidence to support that statement:
We live in a violent world and there are many people who would harm you and steal your property if they could do so with impunity. That is a fact.
If you value your life and your property it stands to reason you should defend them.
Irresponsible people shift that defense onto others. Hence the "need" for government, never-ending laws and armed enforcers called police.
We as created humans have the inalienable right to defend our lives and
our property which sustain life. We also have a duty to protect those rights.
The most honest, responsible way to carry out our duty to protect our rights is to do it personally. If you are personally responsible for defending your rights you use reason and logic to figure out how to best accomplish that goal. What if any tools are available that you can use to further that goal?
In terms of self-defense of your person there is one tool that stands above all others; a firearm.
A firearm is cheap, readily attainable, portable and supremely effective. it doesn't take much practice to become very competent in its use. It is the greatest equalizer that exists in the world today. A 94 year old woman in a wheelchair is superior to a 250 lb thug, when she is armed with a firearm. In fact she would have the upper hand confronted with multiple attackers. No other tool could give her the same advantage. Even if they are armed she still is equal to them as strength is not a factor in properly using a firearm.
Anyone who chooses to not arm themselves in defense of their life or property has become a burden on society and is part of the problem. They shift responsibility to others to safeguard them. That is the epitome of irresponsibility.

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