Monday, October 27, 2008


Looks like we are headed for a democracy. This election will be very telling. I know this is confusing. We are a democracy, right? Not quite yet but we are getting very close. But isn't a democracy what we want to be? Isn't a democracy the best form of government? Not according to our founding fathers and the constitution. They were very afraid of a democracy. They had studied democracies and found all of them throughout history had collapsed.
They became "mobocracies." The many took from the few. Individual rights,
freedoms and liberties soon disappear in a democracy.
Our founding fathers studied all history, and all forms of government. They studied the works of the worlds greatest philosophers and they formed a new type of government; A constitutional republic based on the rule of law.
They feared a democracy and so should we. They knew in a democracy eventually the people would realize that they could take property from others by force using the power of the government. In a democracy majority rules. When you have a majority of have-nots, who don't produce and expect to be taken care of, voting to take away the property of the haves
you have just crossed the line from a sustainable society and economic model to an unsustainable one. We might just cross that line Nov. 4th. Some would say we already have and I think there is a case to be made for that point of view, but it could be very plain in a week, whether we have or not.
Regardless, we are on that course and have been so for a long time. We are an empire in decline. It is doubtful that we can change course and turn back to liberty, freedom and responsibility. I think we will continue our decline into socialism, communism, fascism or whatever you choose to call it but the end result will be a total loss of freedom and liberty. It will probably take a great catastrophe to wake people up and to get enough people behind the cause of liberty and freedom.
Bad times are here and worse times are coming. Get prepared and educate yourself so when the time comes you can be a force to effect positive change. We have been lied to, brainwashed and scared for generations. Time
to reverse the trend.


The King of America said...

Scary! As one of the little guys, you feel like your being drug along in a stampede headed for a cliff, and no matter how hard you try to get out of it, or to turn the just keep getting pushed along, further and further toward the cliff. What can a "Joe Blow" with little money or influence do to help with the change that needs to happen?

Right Reason said...

Educate yourself. Learn the truth and quit believing the lies put out by those in power, in the government, the media and in big business. Their agenda is anti-freedom because freedom is anti-power. They love power and seek ever more. Once you are educated start educating others. When enough people know the truth we will be able to overthrow our oppressors.