Sunday, September 15, 2013

Why the force?


Answer this question: If government is so great why the force?
What is the purported purpose of government? It is supposed to protect your life, liberty and property, right?
Well that sure sounds good. What sane and normal person wouldn't want those things protected. The answer is they all would.
Government sounds pretty good so far. Seems like an easy 'sell' to me. I want my life protected from thugs, killers, and all kinds of bad guys who would physically harm or assault me. And who wants to be a slave or thrown in a cage? Of course I want my liberty protected as I know you do too. And property protection? Yeah, I want that too. I don't want to be robbed of anything I worked hard to acquire. My property is an extension of my life and the hard work, sweat and expended capital it cost me to get.
So the story is people(well some did) formed governments to protect all those things.
Now lets look at this a different way. Think of government just like any other product you purchase for various reasons like; Its cool, I want it, it adds to my life, it makes me healthier, I need it, I can profit from using it, it makes life easier, safer, funner, etc.
We all buy things all the time which meet those criteria and do so happily and by choice, right?
I buy fire insurance to protect my house. I buy a car to travel and get around. I buy food to eat. I buy internet access to learn, shop, interact with others and to make money. I buy a gun to protect my life and property from bad guys. And all the things I buy are by choice. None of the sellers forced me to buy their products or services. I chose them because they looked like good values to me and I decided they would benefit me, to own and use them.
I'm sure you use the same criteria in deciding what you want to buy and which businesses or people you will buy from. And none of those decisions are forced on you either. And that is the way it should be and the way an economy(a free economy) works best. Lots of different people producing  goods and services and buying and selling as they individually determine to be in their self-interest.
So here is a very important question I hope you think about: Why is government FORCED on you? Why can't you just choose for yourself, if the products and services it offers, are worth buying or not? Why do the people trying to 'sell' it to you have so little confidence in their product they resort to force? Why can't you choose something else? Ever thought about that?
Apple seems to be doing real well selling their products, without force. Same with Whole Foods and Walmart. Costco sells all kinds of stuff and has a huge business, all without putting any guns to their customers heads to make them buy their stuff.
If none of them(or thousands of other companies) need to resort to force to sell their stuff why does the government always use force to make you a 'customer'? Maybe their products aren't so hot. Ever think of that? Maybe if the gun was taken away they would sell very little. Maybe they wouldn't be able to sell anything at all because the cost is far to high and the quality is so low. Or the product is just so inferior it doesn't even work or do what it claims to do. Do you think that is possible? ?      I do.
You know any government services you think are a bargain? Can you name one product(would you spend any of your money on any of this stuff?) you would gladly buy from them at current costs?
Isn't competition supposed to be good for everybody? Doesn't it lower costs and improve quality and selection and availability? Why doesn't government allow any competition to any of its 'products' and services'? Ever think about that? What are they afraid of?
The sad facts are and the cold, hard truth is government is such an inferior product, on every level and so outrageously expensive, it can ONLY be 'sold' with force and by putting a gun to your head leaving you no real choice whether or not to 'buy' it.
Don't you think we are way past the time to have a 'free market' in government? Just think of all the entrepreneurs and brilliant people who would come up with all kinds of competing products and solutions which would be far better and cheaper than the crap government has been putting out and forcing you to buy. I bet power and transportation and food and protection and health care and education would be completely changed for the better and become much much more affordable, superior and desirable.
But, we will never know as long as people keep obeying authority and the gang, known as government, continues to maintain its monopolies with deadly force and violence.


Anonymous said...

One big mafia.

Anonymous said...

Photos give me an idea for printed targets.